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Liberty receives two “Best Affordable Online University” rankings for psychology and human services professionals by

May 15, 2013  | 

Liberty University earns two top “Best Buy” rankings
Liberty University Online’s graduate school has earned dual spots on the Get Educated “Best Buy” rankings for 2013 as a Best Affordable Online University. Independently reviewed and ranked as a top "Best Buy" for psychologists, counselors, and social scientists seeking high quality, low-cost online master's degrees programs for psychology and human services, Liberty Online has earned top honors for its Master of Arts in Human Services and Master of Arts in Professional Counseling programs.

Get Educated’s online university affordability rankings are based on a comprehensive national review of 43 regionally accredited graduate schools that offer online master’s degrees in psychology and human services careers. The data-driven rankings are designed to help consumers locate high-quality affordable online degrees. Real data, not ad dollars, determine who makes the Get Educated “Best Online College” rankings.

“Given its unique pioneering role in developing distance learning degrees tailored to the needs of adult students, Liberty is a true educational innovator among online human services schools,” says Get Educated founder, Vicky Phillips, who has been researching online learning for more than two decades.

“Liberty’s double top rankings on the most recent Get Educated national online learning affordability survey reveals the university is committed to making higher education financially accessible to psychology professionals across the United States, at a time when the debate over higher education cost and value has reached critical pitch.”

Online Master’s Costs Rising
According to the national online learning survey the average cost, including tuition and online education fees, for a professional online master’s degree in human services (regionally accredited) is $27,416. This number represents a significant increase in degree costs for human services majors when compared to the spring 2010 survey average cost which was $23,266.

Liberty’s online master’s degree in psychology ranks No. 9 at just over $16,000 for the program.

Other Rankings
This is not the first time Liberty University has earned a “Best Buy” ranking for low-cost online learning from Liberty Online’s Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Business, and Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems are also currently featured as “Best Buys” in their categories by the online education reviewers at

Founded in 1989, is a consumer group that publishes objective data-driven rankings and reviews of the best online colleges along the consumer dimensions of cost, quality, and employment credibility. The group issues rating report cards on accredited online degree programs in an effort to bring transparency to the online education selection process in terms of cost, public perception, and student satisfaction.