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Studio partnership will give Liberty filmmakers wide exposure

January 16, 2013  |  Liberty University News Service

Equipped with the latest, cutting-edge filmmaking technology and in partnership with EchoLight Studios, a world-class Christian film studio, the Cinematic Arts program at Liberty University is prepared to become a major force in the filmmaking industry.

The new partnership includes a five-year, multimillion-dollar agreement wherein EchoLight will finance, produce, and handle worldwide distribution for five full-length feature films in collaboration with Liberty Motion Pictures.

“The Liberty Cinematic Arts program already is known for state-of-the-art equipment, hands-on filmmaking, experienced faculty, and a rare commitment to storytelling,” said Stephan Schultze, Cinematic Arts Center executive director. “Even among film schools, this is an amazing new level: a promise to the Liberty Cinematic Arts program that its best work has distribution on a worldwide stage.”

Liberty announced plans to form a film school in May 2011 with the mission of training the next generation of filmmakers in a Christian environment. A dedication and film festival was held in Fall 2012 to celebrate the first full academic year.

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