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Olympics draw more interest to year-round Snowflex slopes

February 07, 2014  | 

As the spirit of the Winter Olympics — which open Friday in Sochi, Russia — captures the attention of the world, aspiring ski and snowboard enthusiasts are finding year-round facilities like the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre (LMSC) at Liberty University to be an ideal training ground.

LMSC is the first slope of its kind in North America, but fans of the Winter Games can watch three athletes who have trained on the artificial surface in England compete in Sochi this year, proving that the specially engineered material can help produce Olympic-level athletes.


James “Woodsy” Woods and Katie Summerhayes, slopestyle skiers who trained on Snowflex at Sheffield Ski Village in England, and Jamie Nicholls, a slopestyle snowboarder who grew up on Halifax’s Snowflex Centre slopes, are medal contenders for the British team. All three visited Lynchburg, along with Snowflex inventor Brian Thomas of Briton Engineering, to demonstrate their skills during LMSC’s opening day ceremonies on Aug. 29, 2009.

Liberty ski and snowboard Head Coach Ryan Leeds said the success of these Olympians is due to their ability to train in all seasons.

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