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Global Focus Week kicks off at Monday Convocation

September 20, 2012  |  Bethany Pico/Liberty University News Service

Global Focus Week kicked off at Liberty University on Monday, giving students a chance to meet representatives from mission agencies and attend special mission-focused Convocations and seminars. (For a full schedule of events, click here).

Liberty holds a week dedicated to missions at the beginning of each semester. Campus pastor Johnnie Moore asked students in Monday’s convocation to consider: What is my part in God’s plan to reach the world? He announced a special partnership with Global Media Outreach, who is helping Liberty hit its goal of reaching 1 million people with the Gospel in three days through Internet evangelism.

The online effort directs people all over the world, through a keyword search, to websites that share the Gospel. On a special interactive website, students can then watch who is being reached, how many decisions are made for Christ, and where they are coming from – all in real-time.

On Monday, Liberty recorded comments from people in Egypt, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and many other countries.

Moore encouraged students to pray every night for different people who are hearing the Gospel online. 

In Monday’s Convocation, students also heard from international evangelist Andrew Palau, who shared his story of God’s grace in life.

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