Learning Theory & Portfolio Development

Students pursuing life experience credit through the portfolio process must enroll in GEED 205 prior to submitting portfolios.

GEED 205 counts as three elective credits toward most online bachelor's degree programs at Liberty University, and introduces students to learning theories with an emphasis on the philosophy and history of experiential learning.

As a university, we appreciate that adults who re-enter higher education often bring valuable learning and experiences from many different professions and walks of life. Through the portfolio course students will develop an experiential learning portfolio to be used as a means of assessment in this course as well as providing a foundation for portfolio development.

GEED 205 is recommended to the following students:

  • Students who would like to accelerate their degree completion through prior learning assessment
  • Students who enjoy writing, and who gain satisfaction from putting their personal life and accomplishments into a tangible perspective. (Students who prefer taking tests should be advised to challenge their course knowledge through CLEP and ICE examinations.)
  • Students who have successfully completed college-level English grammar and composition (ENGL 101 & 102) and are able to demonstrate professional writing at the college level.
  • Students who can demonstrate that they have learned objectives and outcomes for our college courses through learned experiences.
  • Students who have received a significant amount of specialized training for their personal development and/or job training and can demonstrate that their training is equivalent to college credit.
  • Students who can demonstrate that the course(s) they earned through an unaccredited institution are equivalent to the course(s) at Liberty University.
  • Students who have received their Certificate for LHBI (Liberty Home Bible Institute).