Dorms for those with Moderate Disabilities

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So, I've had a few ideas for LCA, Liberty University, TRBC when I first started working at Liberty. I can be a visionary and a dreamer and I just don't have time to do it all. But I love planting seeds. :)  So, if anyone out theres is interested... here you go...

I had the opportunity to eat lunch with Joni Eereckson Tada. And I was sitting between her and Johnnie Moore and I went ahead and shared one of my ideas with him... planting a seed... and Joni also loved the idea.

The idea would be to have dorms dedicated for young adults with moderate disabilities. At a minimum it would be a great opportunity for some additional funds for the university in the way of medicaid funds. I don't have a background in medicaid funds for those with disabilities, etc. But it would just take someone with the knowledge of establishing group homes and a little investigation.

But at the maximum, it would be an awesome way to minister to the Liberty body. An opportunity for our nursing, psychology, etc students to minister to these folks and to learn more about their field and spiritual formation through living with them in the dorms and helping to care for these students. And an opportunity for these students with disabilities to minister to us... showing us God's love through their struggles as they join our students in classes, athletic events, spiritual life, etc. Henry Nouwen (a great spiritual writer in this area...if you are not familiar with him... you may want to read his books) says he feels closest to God when around those with disabilities. It is such a powerful ministry!!

There are some programs out there like this already - Like this one - http://web.taftcollege.edu/student_services/independent_living.shtml But I am not aware of a distinctively Christian university that does this. There may be one... I'm not sure... but we could be the first to do it. And if marketed well, it would probably grow into such high demand that Liberty could probably eventually hand pick the families/adults we wish to assist in this way by interviewing them and finding those with the best "match" to the dorm or the possible high demand can expand the program, etc.

And as far as funding, I could see a dorm named in honor of someone to help get it started. There would be a lot of potential for fund-raising with something like that.  Anyway, just hoping to plant a seed to someone out there...   :)