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Wednesday, March 24, 2010 THE Message – Part 3 of 3 – Now what?

THE Message – Part 3 of 3 – Now what?

This should finish my mini “lecture series”.  :)  I felt the last message was a bit harsher than I like to get, particularly when you are not sure how the medium of writing these thoughts are portrayed.  So I feel the need to quickly post again. 

So -“now what?”  “what are we suppose to do about it?”It’s this simple - PRAY and watch and see!!  If you’re eyes are open to it, God will show you where you can serve.Is it a child with behavior problems that needs someone to sit with them in church? Can you help create tuition scholarships for struggling families in your Christian school? Or are you a general education teacher that needs to “go after” Johnny? Can you start a special needs ministry in your church? Take in a foster child? Volunteer at a group home? Is there a single mother on your block that needs her yard cut? Could you spend time with her children? Or are you a parent of a child at a Christian school that needs to be patient with other children/parents in your child’s class? Just pray and watch. It typically is already in front of you… all you have to do is reach out to what God put right in front of you.

Here is how you know if you are doing it.  You know because IT IS HARD!! :)  Quite honestly, it stinks sometimes.  I already used Luke 14:12-13 in the last blog… but now let's look at the verse that follows, verse 14. When you invite the poor, the lame, the blind, you will be blessed…. But you will not be repaid!! Verse 14 - “They cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous”. You probably aren’t going to get the wonderful letters thanking you for saving Johnny, your foster child will probably not become a professional athlete, whatever you do for “the least of these” will probably go unnoticed by our world’s standards. And that is the point… it stinks! This is truly what it means to suffer for righteous sake!

And here’s another amazing thing - you may not even help them at all!!!! My foster son calls me from prison on a regular basis. Oh, how I wish he would have been a professional athlete like the movie Blind Side. :) But one of the most humbling things I learned working at the alternative school and other areas of working with these children/adolescents is that they may actually be there for me!!!!…to shape and mold me… as it says in James 1 – to teach me – perseverance and patience and also perspective. The perspective that when my foster son calls me from prison, it is because he has NO ONE else to call. Could you even imagine that? The perspective that God has blessed me with a Christian, loving home.  The perseverance that if these families can endure their crisis, then I can endure mine. And if they can tolerate their struggles, disabilities, finances, etc, then how can I not only "tolerate" their child in my class, but love the presence of this special child. And the patience that someday it will all be clear to me and I can see God’s children begin to be blessed and his perfect work complete.

I spent most of my career thinking I was helping others, realizing they are actually helping me!!! This is the beauty of it. This is THE message!!! And this is where you find THE blessing.

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