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Liberty University Online offers conversational language instruction powered by Rosetta Stone, the world’s leading language software provider.

Expand your horizons with an innovative way to learn a new language.

Offered in our convenient 16-week online format, each course will include online sessions with a native speaking vocal coach to ensure that you are speaking the language correctly. Each course will also include a Liberty faculty member to guide you toward successful completion.

Available courses include:

  • (CESL) Conversational English I
  • (CESL) Conversational English II
  • (CESL) Conversational English III
  • (CPSA) Conversational Spanish I
  • (CPSA) Conversational Spanish II
  • (CPSA) Conversational Spanish III
  • (CGRM) Conversational German I
  • (CGRM) Conversational German II
  • (CGRM) Conversational German III

Register online through your ASIST account.

*Regular tuition rates apply.

** Additional languages may be offered based upon interest.