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Student Testimonial: Edward Kisselback 

“Liberty University Online is very generous with the credits for life experience and also generous economically for military and police, so it is just the best combination. The flexibility is really important, especially being a police officer, with my schedule, it’s extremely erratic. So being able to study online is very convenient for me. I am about to graduate with my Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies and I’ve had such a positive experience here at Liberty and I’m going to continue on with my Masters in Divinity.”

Student Testimonial: Kat Christine

“Anyone who may be doubting being able to go back to school or doing online and having time, I would say that LU Online is the best way to go. I’m 31, you can get it done. I changed jobs in the middle of it, it’s possible, especially when you do have to work. So many of us today, we don’t have the means to not work and go to school. I feel LU Online allows time and the flexibility to do what you need to do in life and at work while getting your degree.”

Student Testimonial: Janae Fleming

“My name is Janae Fleming. I am obtaining a bachelors in science and education and my hometown is Tucson, Arizona. Liberty Online works for me flexibility wise with my family in the perfect way that I was able to still work and still raise four little girls and go to school all at the same time. You have to have a lot of self-motivation and self-discipline when you’re going to school online, but the amazing thing is at Liberty, you don’t really have to do it by yourself.  You really do have resources like someone who’s going to school on campus. When you’re going through these courses, you’re not only learning how to be a better educator or be a better teacher, at least for me, who’s in education, but you really are able to kind of self-develop as you’re going through your degree so you come out on the other end, graduating, not just as somebody who knows how to be a teacher now but as somebody who’s just a really well-rounded individual. I would not have been able to be successful anywhere but Liberty University Online.”

Student Testimonial: Cheryl Brehm

” I’m Cheryl Brehm, Mrs. Tennessee. Liberty has done an amazing job of preparing me for what I do now as Mrs. Tennessee and what I’ll continue to do. Having been in the classroom, then an online student, then an online teacher, I really do believe in this type of education. It was so flexible. I mean, I could finish my coursework whenever I needed to and I had a job at the time, so for me, I would get up, go to work, and then come home, get in my PJs, throw a dinner on the table, and then finish up at night, and I am so grateful for that. Being able to give into my marriage, give into my church, give into my job, and then be able to come home and finish up the degree, I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity. I had a great experience with my online professors. Getting answers back within hours, sometimes within minutes. I have seen Liberty from every angle possible, and I have nothing but great things to say because they really do care about you.”

Student Testimonial: Katrina Knick

“I work 8 to 6 Monday through Friday so being a single mom and trying to like fit, you know, going to actual campus, it just isn’t feasible. It just wouldn’t work. So I figured with the online program after she’s in bed, I can take two to three hours and I can read the material and I can do the online coursework and this is the only way I’m going to go back to college. Teachers were always available to the class and then all of my classmates were extremely nice. If you had questions, there’s always that group forum where you can post and people always responded. And being online, you kind of think, ‘Am I going to connect with people? You know, I’m just a person on a computer screen.’ But you don’t feel that way. One of my friends wanted to go to Liberty and they were on the fence about it and I told them to just do it. Just go ahead and do it. It’s great. I’ve enjoyed my experience and it’s so much fun.”

Student Testimonial: Support Services

“I have had so many who’ve helped along the way. So many in faculty, too many to mention. But I do remember one particular professor, when I got discouraged and she basically got back with me and said, “If God has called you to it, he’ll see you through it.” No judgment, no pressure, and she sent me bible verses and I knew that she was praying for me, as all of the instructors, all of the faculty prayed for one another and for us.”   

Student Testimonial: Marty Misjuns

“I’m Marty Misjuns. I’m a Master Firefighter with the Lynchburg Fire Department. I’m currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Executive Leadership program. Liberty Online has been really flexible with my schedule, having a family and having a full-time a career with the Lynchburg Fire Department. Liberty Online worked great with me to be able to transition from completing a bachelor’s and turning right back around and getting into a master’s program, which is something that I never thought that I would even consider.”

“So, even though I did online classes, I felt like the staff and faculty online were very responsive, communicative and just all around I had a great experience with the online program at Liberty.”  
– Tricia Worden

“It was unbelievable the way I was able to connect with them without physically interacting with them. Anytime I sent an email, or I would even get phone calls to “How am I doing?” I mean they were so supportive. In my comments and reviews, I made it known to just encourage them to continue to not just feel the need to be standard and to be strict, it’s a professor, but allow their light to shine as children of God and as Christians because I saw that over everything else and I was really impressed with that.”
– Paula McDermott-Mills

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