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National Guard State Tuition Assistance

Military students serving in the Virginia Army or Air National Guard may be eligible to receive State Tuition Assistance. Please visit the Virginia National Guard website or contact Fort Pickett directly to determine your eligibility.

  • Students must be part of the Virginia Army or Air National Guard to be eligible.
  • The Virginia National Guard will determine the amount of Tuition Assistance available each year toward tuition and fees.

What You Need to Know

Your first step is to contact Fort Pickett for assistance with getting started. You will need to make sure you are aware of all requirements and regulations for using State Tuition Assistance. You can visit the Virginia National Guard website to get started.

We’ve outlined a few items below we want you to be aware of as you utilize your State Tuition Assistance at Liberty University:

  • The deadlines to request State TA for each semester are determined by Fort Pickett and are listed below:
    • Deadline for the fall semester: 1-Jul
    • Deadline for the spring semester: 1-Nov
    • Deadline for the summer semester: 1-Apr
  • Once all students have been approved for funding by the Education Service Office (ESO) at Ft. Pickett, they will send a TA roster for the semester directly to the Office of Military Affairs. This official roster will allow us to post the approved funding to your account.
  • Please note: Ft. Pickett might send you a copy of your approved TA form but we have been advised by Ft. Pickett not to accept them. We must wait for the official roster (or an update to the roster) to be sent from Ft. Pickett.
  • Once the roster is received, the Office of Military Affairs will post the TA to your student account and send an email to your Liberty University email address.
  • The Office of Military Affairs will post the authorized amount of TA to your student account up to the total amount you are being charged for tuition and related fees. We are required to deduct any tuition-specific scholarships and aid from your eligible charges when calculating the amount of Tuition Assistance that can be posted.