Rosetta Stone Online Degree Program

Guten Tag!  –  Nihao!  –  ¡Hola!  –  ¿Cómo estás?

Do you want to know how to respond to these greetings and continue the conversations further? Expand your horizons in an innovative way by learning a new language through Liberty University’s online programs. Liberty offers conversational language courses powered by Rosetta Stone, the world’s leading language software provider.  

With the guidance of a professor, you’ll have opportunities to study both the language and culture, as well as multiple opportunities to speak with native speakers trained to help you improve your conversational skills. Take these courses to prepare for your field of study, whether you are pursuing missions work, international business, medical assistance overseas or domestically, or just for the fun of communicating with loved ones in their native language.

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Language Offerings

Available Languages Through Liberty University’s Online Programs

Students can choose from the following 3 credit courses, which are taught by experienced and bilingual professors:

Conversational Arabic

Conversational French

Conversational German

Conversational Hindi

Conversational Mandarin

Conversational Spanish


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Conversational German (CGRM)

“The supplemental materials were very valuable to my studies. Rosetta Stone was a great program and the added bonus of having the German Bible brought in made it a well-rounded, amazing learning experience.”

Conversational Spanish (CSPA)

“As previously mentioned, I travel to El Salvador…A LOT!  That is my heartbeat behind wanting to learn Spanish.  I am able to communicate online with them and luckily have translators when I visit the country, but nothing competes with a one-on-one relationship when you both speak the same language.  Now more than ever I have a passion for the language and can’t wait to be fluent one day.  I love Rosetta Stone and the complete immersion that it uses to teach you.  I am constantly in contact with my friends in El Salvador so talking with them in their language helps me a lot.  I was just there last month and my mission’s pastor and our translators told me I have SIGNIFICANTLY improved since earlier this year! (THANK YOU PROFESSOR KEITH!!!!!)  God has a lot of doorways open for me multiculturally.  Hopefully a long-term missions position in El Salvador eventually.”