Management of Emergency Medical Services – EMER 335

CG • Section 8WK • 07/01/2018 to 12/31/2199 • Modified 09/05/2023

Course Description

This is an upper-level baccalaureate course for students interested in the practices and principles of emergency medical services systems management and the processes that contribute to the effectiveness of day-to-day operations within an EMS organization. This course introduces the EMS professional to topics that include: government structure, strategic planning, injury prevention, risk management and safety, customer service, human resources management, financial management, fleet management, career development, quality management, data collection and research, labor relations, and special operations.

For information regarding prerequisites for this course, please refer to the Academic Course Catalog.


This course will help the student understand the management of emergency medical services and the wide range of tasks needed for EMS leadership. This course will help the student gain an understanding of the roles of EMS leadership and management in his/her course of study. A mix of administrative and field leadership skills will be discussed, giving the student knowledge on EMS leadership needs.   

Course Assignment

Textbook Readings and Lecture Presentations

Course Requirements Checklist

After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in the Course Overview.

Discussions (8)

Discussions are collaborative learning experiences. Therefore, the student is required to provide a thread in response to the provided prompt for each Discussion. Each thread must be 300-350 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge. In addition to the thread, the student is required to reply to 2 other classmates’ threads. Each reply must be 150 words. All threads and replies must reflect critical thought.  Relate the course content to real-world applications with biblical perspectives and cite a minimum of 2 sources for each primary posting and 1 source for each reply, in APA format.

EMS Agency Assignment

The student will write a paper of at least 750 words discussing his or her EMS agency in detail. The student will discuss sustainability, risk management, customer service or public service programs, and recruitment and retention strategies. A student who is not part of an EMS agency will choose an agency for which he or she will complete this assignment.

EMS Event Planning Final Assignment

The student will write a 1,000-1,600 word paper, based on a fictitious scenario in his or her town. Based on the student's EMS organization, hometown, and available resources, the student will prepare an EMS plan for a large weekend event. The student will consider locations, resources, partnerships, and all other aspects of planning an EMS presence at the event.