CJUS 810 Transnational Organized Crime

This course provides a comprehensive review of organized crime and gangs. This course will review gang organizational traits, traditions, criminal activities, violence, origin and structure. Students will examine organized crime in the US, organized crime in other countries, and/or transnational organized crime networks. An exploration in the connectedness between organized crime, gangs, and terror organizations will be conducted.

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Course Guide

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Whereas Criminal Justice 701 provides students a comparative analysis of various countries criminal justice systems, this course, Criminal Justice 810, provides students an opportunity to explore the transnational nature of organized crime. Truly changes in technology, communication, and travel have flattened the world in a variety of aspects. Transnational crime has also been impacted by this notion of a flattened world.

Textbook readings and lecture presentations

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Course Requirements Checklist

After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in the Course Overview. 

Discussion: Final Project/Briefing Analysis

Discussions are collaborative learning experiences. This discussion and related replies make up your final project. This discussion is research based and will require significant outside journal article reading. See the Discussion: Final Project/Briefing Analysis Assignment Instructions for more information. 

Research Paper Assignments (4)

The student will prepare a series of 4 comprehensive research papers on an organized crime in a particular country or salient organized crime topic. Students will prepare an 6-8-page paper with a minimum 8 scholarly articles, 2 Holy Bible references, and one recent news article. In the paper, students will take a holistic approach to analyzing organized crime. Please review the Research Paper Assignment Instructions and Grading Rubric for the unique and quite challenging way students will complete this assignment.

PowerPoint Presentation Assignments (3)

The student will create a 10–slide PowerPoint Presentation (with additional slides as a reference section) based upon their analysis organized crime in an assigned country. Just as in the research paper, student will take holistic approach to their analysis and presentation. Each slide must have 200–350 words of bulleted or paragraph speakers notes. A minimum of 8 scholarly sources and the Holy Bible should be used. Additionally, the student should use animations, transitions, and graphics to reflect graduate level research. Please review the PowerPoint Presentation Assignment Instructions and Grading Rubric for the unique and challenging way students will complete this assignment.

Focus on the Totality of Projects

The focus of this course is to increase the depth and breadth of students’ knowledge of transnational organized crime. The intent, through rigorous reading assignments and demanding research paper, PowerPoint, and focused discussion is to help a student become an expert on transnational organized crime. Combined with CJUS701, students will have a good understanding of worldwide criminal justice systems and worldwide crime issues.

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