SOWK 355 Social Work Practice with Groups

This course provides the student with the opportunity to develop an understanding of theories, methods and skills in relation to generalist practice with social work groups. This course also provides the forum for students to gain an understanding of cultural values of individuals and the impact of those values on the group process. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of being a culturally sensitive group leader.

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Social workers interact with groups of individuals on a daily basis. This course aids the students in developing competency in the areas of engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation when working with groups. It prepares students with foundational knowledge necessary for effective generalist social work practice.

After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in Module 1.

Students will be responsible for taking quizzes about assigned reading.  The quizzes are worth 10 points each.  There will be 13 quizzes with the lowest grade dropped.  Quizzes have 2 attempts each.  Quizzes total 120 points of the final course grade.  Quizzes assess learning outcomes Competency 1– Ethical/Prof. Behavior, Competency 2– Diversity, Competency 6–Engage, Competency 7–Assess, Competency 8–Intervene, Competency 9-Evaluate, (Knowledge/Cog. and Affective Processes).

Each student will facilitate the support group one time during the live course intensive. This facilitation effort will be graded based on the level of competency demonstrated in preparation, self-reflection, self-correction, & evaluation, use of empathy & interpersonal skills, facilitation of transitions & endings, and effective oral and written communication. This demonstration is worth 70 points. 

Each student will evaluate his/her efforts by answering the provided questions. The paper is worth 130 points. 

Each student will be in a 3(+) person group.  The groups will present material from an assigned chapter in the Zastrow text book through a Biblical worldview to the class in an engaging manner.  The presenters will evaluate their own competency on each presentation.  The presenters will be evaluated by their peers as well as their instructor. This is for 200 points of your final grade.

As Liberty is a Christian university, part of your educational journey is to consider the social work competencies in light of scripture.  Your Discussion thread should be at least 400 words. You will also reply to three of your peers’ posts. Your replies must be at least 150 words each. 

You are to write a 3 – 4-page paper addressing the provided topics.  The paper is worth 120 points. 

This final is an in-class evaluation.  It will account for 50 points of the final grade for the course. 

Classroom interaction is expected to demonstrate social work values.   Students are to attend all scheduled classes and complete the daily participation quizzes to earn the 160 class participation points.  This includes a 6pt orientation quiz. 

The student will complete a professionalism self-reflection as part of the course.  The Professionalism grade is worth up to 50 points of the final grade.

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