Discrete Mathematics – MATH 350

CG • Section 8WK • 11/08/2019 to 04/16/2020 • Modified 04/05/2022

Course Description

Recurrence relations, relations, graph theory, languages, grammars, and finite-state machines.

For information regarding prerequisites for this course, please refer to the Academic Course Catalog.


Discrete mathematics, the study of finite systems, has become increasingly important in this technological society. The digital computer is essentially a finite system, and many of its properties can be understood and interpreted within the framework of finite mathematical systems. This course provides an exposure to mathematical topics that are essential to the study of computer science. To promote an understanding and appreciation of the discrete mathematical structures which are the foundation of all software engineering.

Measurable Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Perform analysis and design of simple iterative and recursive algorithms.
  2. Develop proofs using mathematical induction and strong induction.
  3. Apply number theory to public key cryptography.
  4. Encrypt and decrypt simple messages using basic secret key and public key methods.
  5. Identify and use the many terms associated with graphs, directed graphs, and trees.
  6. Identify whether two given graphs are isomorphic.
  7. Test a graph for the existence of an Euler path, an Euler circuit, a Hamiltonian path and a Hamiltonian circuit, and find the shortest path between two nodes in a simple weighted connected graph.
  8. Recognize how formal languages, finite-state machines, and Turing machines are all models of various kinds of computation.

Course Assignment

After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in the Course Overview.

The student will complete reading assignments within the ConnectMath software associated with the textbook.

The student will complete handwritten homework assignments and submit them in Canvas each week

Each quiz will cover the Learn material for the assigned Modules. Each quiz will be timed, open-book/open-notes, have a 1-hour time limit, and be completed in ConnectMath software. The student will have 2 attempts at each quiz.

The student will complete quizzes: written exams during Modules 2, 4, 6, and 8. Each written exam will be open-book/open-notes, cover 2 modules of material, and have a 2 hour time limit. All written exams will be handwritten and submitted in CANVAS.