EDUC 518 Educational Research and Assessment

Overview of the nature of research on human development, learning, and pedagogical knowledge and skills. Topics include current trends and issues in education, skills in data collection and assessment, and application of research in the school setting.

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The objective of this course is to help the candidate gain a basic understanding of the nature of educational research. At the conclusion, the candidate will have the skills and knowledge necessary to critically evaluate educational research and to judiciously apply findings in his/her professional settings.

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After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in the Course Overview.

Discussions are collaborative learning experiences. Therefore, throughout the course, the candidate will participate in 4 Discussions. For each discussion, the candidate must respond to the prompt provided by posting a thread.. Each thread must be at least 300 words. After posting the thread, the candidate must submit a 150-word reply to at least 1 classmate’s thread. (CLO: B, C, D, E)

The candidate will develop a reference list including a minimum of 10 research articles relevant to his/her selected educational topic. Reference citations must be in current APA format and must be followed by an abstract for the article. (CLO: E)

The candidate will summarize and critically evaluate a quantitative journal article on his/her selected research topic. (CLO: A, C, D)

The candidate will summarize and critically evaluate a qualitative journal article on his/her selected research topic. (CLO: A, C, D)

The candidate will write a traditional Literature Review on his/her selected educational topic. The review must be a synthesis (not simply a summary) of relevant research findings related to the selected topic. The review must be written in current APA format. (CLO: A, E, F, H)

As a culminating project for this course, the candidate must incorporate all of his/her previous work into a 25-slide PowerPoint presentation Research Proposal. The candidate is not required to conduct the proposed research; instead, he/she must simply outline a possible research plan. (CLO: B, G, H)

The candidate will complete 5 open-book/open-notes quizzes. Quizzes will contain 20 multiple-choice questions and will have a 2-hour time limit (CLO: B, C, D, F)

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