Dissertation Research – EDCO 808

CG • Section 8WK • 11/08/2019 to 04/16/2020 • Modified 12/08/2021

Course Description

This course begins to prepare the candidate for the dissertation proposal process. More specifically, the candidate will begin to develop a literature review and research design appropriate for a viable dissertation proposal for an EdD in Community Care & Counseling.

For information regarding prerequisites for this course, please refer to the Academic Course Catalog.


For most degree programs, the dropout rate for students who have completed all their coursework and only have their dissertation remaining hovers around 50%. Proper understanding of specific strategies to develop a dissertation will reduce this percentage.

Course Assignment

Class Introduction & Current Dissertation Status

In Module 1: Week 1, the student will create a brief personal biography introducing himself or herself to the class which includes some information on how he or she progressed in his or her dissertation development. The student's brief biography/dissertation interests can be a video or written post. This may include: The student's current job, cultural/family background, hobbies, a recent picture, and how he or she have progressed in developing his or her dissertation. 

Optional Webex Meetings or Phone Calls with Instructor As-Needed

The student may request a WebEx or phone call with the instructor to help in developing his or her proposal. If the instructor chairs other students who also want a WebEx or phone consultation, several students may attend at the same time.

(Meets learning outcomes A-C)

Quizzes: Progress and Goals Updates (4)

There are 4 essay quizzes in this course, in which the student will describe his or her progress and goals for designated Module(s). The student will describe the goals in detail with regard to the specific sections of each chapter he or she intends to address over the next week(s): Modules(s). This is also a place for the student to request help from the instructor if needed. 

(Meets learning outcome A-C)

Dissertation Proposal: Initial Draft Assignment

The student will create his or her dissertation proposal draft in accordance with the latest edition of the dissertation handbook. This will permit revisions, updates, and further interaction with the instructor if necessary. The student may submit as many early submissions as he or she likes before the final due date.

(Meets learning outcome A-C)