Trends & Issues of Contemporary Leadership – CLED 765

CG • Section 8WK • 11/08/2019 to 04/16/2020 • Modified 07/28/2020

Course Description

In this course, students will research and present contemporary issues and trends relevant to the fields of leadership and education. Current literature and research is presented and discussed. Each topic is then examined biblically and theologically. Topics are determined in consultation with course professors as the student begins to develop a line of research that eventually leads to the development of the dissertation topic and research questions.


 CLED 700, CLED 720, Enrollment in the School of Divinity EdD in Christian Leadership


The purpose of this course is to expose the student to contemporary issues and trends relevant to the fields of Christian leadership and education so that they can apply current research to Christian leadership and education principles.

Measurable Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Review, evaluate, and discuss current research in the area of leadership and education research.
  2. Apply current research to Christian leadership and education principles.
  3. Examine and discuss biblical and theological issues related to education and leadership.
  4. Write a literature review about a current trend or issue in education or leadership.
  5. Develop a research profile that addresses a problem applicable to education or leadership.

Course Assignment

Textbook readings and lecture presentations

Course Requirements Checklist

After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in Module/Week 1.

Discussion Board Forums (4)

Discussion boards are collaborative learning experiences. Therefore, the student is required to provide a thread in response to the provided prompt for each forum. Each thread must be at least 300 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge. In addition to the thread, the student is required to reply to 2 other classmates’ threads. Each reply must be at least 200 words.

Annotated Bibliographies (2)

For Part 1 and Part 2 of the Annotated Bibliography, the student will identify 10-15 different scholarly sources relevant to the topic of trends and issues in Christian leadership and education and prepare an annotation of no more than 150 words per resource.

Literature Review (3)

Based on the collection of scholarly resources on trends and issues in Christian leadership and education, the texts for this course, and other related material, the student will prepare a literature review.

Part 1

For Part 1, the student will prepare a rough draft. Part 1 must be 10–15 pages and formatted in current APA style. The minimum number of resources for Part 1 is 10 sources.

Phase 2

For Phase 2, the student will continue reviewing the literature for sources that contribute to his or her research and will make necessary corrections and updates to the graded literature review.


The student will take the feedback from the instructor, make appropriate changes, and submit the final draft of th Literature Review. The completed literature review must be 20–25 pages with 20–25 sources formatted in current APA style.

Research Profile (2)

Based on the readings for this course, the Annotated Bibliography, and the findings of the Literature Review, the student will identify 1 salient issue or problem in Christian leadership or education. From this finding, the student will develop a research profile that must be 3–5 pages. The student must submit a draft and a final version of the Research Profile.