History of Graphic Design – ARTS 603

CG • Section 8WK • 11/08/2019 to 04/16/2020 • Modified 09/05/2023

Course Description

A study of graphic communication from cave walls to the printed page to online digital communication. Students will consider how the advent of new technologies changed the graphic form of our communication. Students will be required to do topic related projects that will demonstrate their understanding. The final presentation will demonstrate the integration of historical styles with present design trends.

For information regarding prerequisites for this course, please refer to the Academic Course Catalog.


This course will cover the history of designers, technology, and important developments that have brought about the field of graphic design. The student will look at some of the social, political, and economic trends that have impacted design over time and how they may influence Christian designers in the future. This course is important for the MFA student in order for him/her to understand how past trends and work play a major role in providing inspiration for contemporary design.

Course Assignment

Textbook readings and lecture presentations

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Course Requirements Checklist

After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in the Course Overview.

Discussions (8)

The student will complete 8 Discussions in this course. The student will post one thread of at least 150 words. The student must then post 2 replies of at least 50 words. For each thread, students must support their assertions with at least 2 scholarly citations in MLA format. Each reply must incorporate at least 1 scholarly citation in MLA format if applicable. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years. Acceptable sources include the course textbook, Bible and any additional scholarly sources.

Design Project Assignments (8)

Written Summaries (8)

Each Module: Week, the student will complete research and compose a written essay of the design style in question. This design essay must be between 300 – 500 words in length with appropriate sources cited. Essay will be submitted in MLA style as a Word.docx.

Project (8)

Each Module: Week, the student will complete a design project that is based on and incorporates the design style(s) studied during that Module: Week. The body copy used for each design project will be based on the essay written by the student. Each project will be submitted as a PDF document for review and feedback.

Quizzes (8)

Begin this quiz only when you are prepared to complete it. You may refer to your notes and textbooks at any time during the assessment. You will have 1 hour to choose the correct answers to 10 multiple-choice and/or true/false questions. The timer will continue if you leave this quiz without submitting it. If you exceed the allotted time limit, you may still finish the quiz, but your instructor will be alerted to your total completion time. Do not hit the BACK button on your browser; this will lock you out of your quiz and require an email to your instructor for re-access.