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Liberty University Online Programs Admissions Document Directory

Below is a directory of documents used by Liberty University’s online programs for admission. Please select the link or use your web browser’s search function to find the admission requirements you need for your Liberty University application.

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Academic Recommendation Letter

Accredited Bachelor’s Degree

Current in Field

Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Graduate Official Transcript

Graduate Self-Certification

Graduate Status Record

Graduate Unofficial Transcript

High School Self-Certification

Master of Science in Nursing: CPR Certification

Miller Analogy Test

MSN Recommendation Form

Pastoral Recommendation Form

Ph.D. in Theology & Apologetics Questionnaire

Ph.D. in Theology & Apologetics Writing Sample

Pilot Certificate

Students with a Liberty University application to the Bachelor of Science in Aviation must either confirm that they are completing flight training through an affiliated airfield through the Aviation Requirement form, or submit a valid pilot’s license or equivalent. This pilot’s license or equivalent can be an FAA Commercial Pilot certificate, an airline transport pilot, or designated military pilot certification. Transfer credit will also be awarded for this license or equivalent. A private license is not sufficient to complete this requirement but will be usable for college credit.

Professional Vita

Professional Vita – Students with a Liberty University admissions application for certain online doctoral degrees will require a professional vita. A professional vita is a more detailed version of a résumé. The vita will be much more in-depth than the applicant’s résumé. Rather than drawing attention to specific qualifications catered to the student’s program of choice (as a résumé does), the vita will generally list a biographical account of the student’s education and experiential background.

Professional Recommendation Letter

A Professional Recommendation Letter may be required for Liberty University applications. The recommender will need to fill out this form. Recommendations will not be accepted if received without the complete form. Once you have set up your Liberty Account login, you may also submit the recommendation through our electronic system by accessing ASIST > General Information > Admissions Forms. You will then enter your recommender’s emails so that a direct electronic request can be processed. Please note that the link delivered is only usable for 7 days, but you can resubmit the request through ASIST as many times as needed.

John W. Rawlings School of Divinity Questionnaire

A divinity questionnaire is one of the admission requirements for the Liberty University application for any graduate or post-graduate degrees in divinity. The questionnaire must be completed online. Incomplete questionnaires will not be accepted. Once you have set up your Liberty Account login, you may then complete the online Divinity Questionnaire.

RN License

A nursing license is required for all students with a Liberty University application for the Master or Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. The licensure needs to be an unencumbered RN license from one of the fifty United States without sanctions or accusations, active or pending during enrollment in the Liberty University Master or Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programs. Students must report any changes /sanctions or other updates to their license including but not limited to restriction by a state board, probation, suspension etc. immediately to the MSN or BSN program director. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the program. The licensure will need to be current throughout the duration of the degree program. If the license has lapsed, a hold will be placed on enrollment in all nursing courses until the RN license is current and unencumbered.

Foreign licensed RN’s will need the following additional admission requirements:

  1. International RN’s will need proof of valid and current RN licensure based on a review by the Commission on Graduates for Foreign Nursing Schools International (CGFNS International). The student must submit the professional report for RN license comparison.
  2. International RN students will need to pass the NCLEX Readiness test offered by CFGNS International.
  3. For transcripts from institutions outside of the U.S., an academic undergraduate transcript evaluation from CGFNS will be required. This is required to determine the equivalency of the applicant’s nursing and baccalaureate degrees to nursing education programs offered by schools in the US.
  4. A TOEFL test will be required for international, non-English speaking candidates (score of 500 on paper-based tests, 173 on computer-based tests or 60 on internet-based tests for undergraduate and 80 for graduate).

Statement of Purpose Form

For several online master’s degrees and online doctoral degrees, you will be required to complete a short writing prompt as a preliminary writing sample and to ensure that you are applied for the best program for your goals. Once you have set up your Liberty Account login, you may access the Statement of Purpose digital form.

Three Years Experience

Students who apply to the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) must have at least three full years of ministry experience that is pastoral in nature and connected with a local church.


Applicants whose native language is a language other than English must submit official scores for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). You can find information about taking the test on the TOEFL home page. This requirement may be waived in certain cases. Please contact an LUO Admissions Counselor to discuss options for waiving the TOEFL requirement.

Undergraduate Official Transcript

An official transcript is required for all students with a Liberty University application to an online undergraduate degree program. Official transcripts must be received by the completion of the student’s first term, or within 60 days after receiving an acceptance decision, for the student to be eligible for registration in the following term. The Official Transcript should include the school’s name, the student’s name, courses and credits earned, cumulative GPA, and dates attended. An acceptable official college transcript is one that has been signed and issued directly from the institution and is in a sealed envelope. An Official Transcript can also be received through an electronic transcript database provider such as Scrip-Safe, Docufide, or National Student Clearinghouse, or others. The transcript should be sent directly to Liberty via the school’s secure system. If an email is requested, you should use

Undergraduate Unofficial Transcript

Official transcripts must be received within 60 days after an accept decision is given, or before a student would begin their second term of registration). An Unofficial College Transcript is acceptable for admission requirements into online undergraduate degrees and online master’s programs. An acceptable unofficial transcript should include the name of the school, the student name, courses are broken down by semester, grades and credits earned, cumulative GPA, and dates attended. A college transcript is considered unofficial if sent via email to or by fax to (888) 301-3577.

Unofficial High School Transcript

In rare cases, a full high school transcript may be needed for admission requirements. An unofficial high school transcript can be accepted in combination with a self-certification form. A high school transcript must include the name and location of the school, coursework, and grades for grades 9-12, as well as a final graduation date. If you have not yet graduated from high school, please see the High School Self-Certification description. An unofficial transcript can be faxed, mailed, or scanned and emailed as an attachment. If an applicant has already conferred an associate degree or higher from an accredited institution, a high school transcript is not required. Please Note: financial aid requirements differ from admission requirements. Please see the Financial Aid page for information about verification documents and steps.

Vignette Responses

Vignette Responses are required by some doctoral programs. Further explanation on how to develop the responses is found here.