Academic Standing Appeal Process

Your academic standing is evaluated based on your program and the required minimum cumulative GPA for your academic level. Below you will find information regarding the academic standing policy for students enrolled in Liberty University’s online programs, including GPA requirements, the academic standing appeal process, and an explanation of each level of academic standing (e.g., Warning, Probation, Automatic Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal).

Please note: If you have been placed on Academic Warning or Academic Probation, you are not required to appeal to register for your next semester. However, if you have been placed on Academic Suspension or Academic Dismissal, you will need to submit an appeal before your next semester of enrollment.

If you are currently on Academic Suspension or Academic Dismissal, please contact an Academic Standing Consultant at for assistance regarding current Academic Standing status or submit the Academic Standing Appeal Form.

Classification Required GPA
Freshman (0-23.99 hours) 1.50
Sophomore (24-47.99 hours) 1.65
Junior (48-71.99 hours) 1.85
Senior (72 hours and above) 2.00

Students who are placed on Academic Suspension and receive an approved academic contract, but fail to meet the terms of their contract, will progress to Academic Dismissal. Students who also continue in courses without an approved contract and fail to earn the minimum cumulative GPA will also progress to Academic Dismissal.

University policy states that undergraduate students placed on Academic Dismissal should wait 2 years and then appeal. Students have the option to appeal to return on an academic contract or under Academic Amnesty. When Academic Amnesty is approved, all grades of “D” and “F” are replaced with a “Q” on their Liberty University transcript. Grades of Q are not figured into the GPA. This immediately raises the GPA to at least 2.0, but you will have to retake those classes in which you earned grades of “D” or “F” that are required for the completion of your degree.

In some instances, an undergraduate student on Academic Dismissal might be permitted to return sooner than 2 years on an Academic Contract. This option can only be considered if it is reasonable to expect the student will be able to earn the grades needed to raise the GPA to 2.0 without amnesty.

Graduate students placed on Graduate Academic Dismissal should wait 2 years and then appeal for Academic Amnesty. When Academic Amnesty is approved, all grades of “D” and “F” are replaced with a “Q” on the Liberty University transcripts. Grades of “Q” are not figured into the GPA, which immediately raises the GPA to the program minimum.

Students on Academic Suspension or Dismissal who desire to return to Liberty University must submit an appeal via the online Academic Standing Appeal Form and must include the following:

  1. A brief explanation regarding the circumstances that led to earning grades of “D” and “F” and an explanation of how your circumstances have improved or what steps you have taken to earn grades of “C” or higher in all future classes.
  2. What specific times during the week will you set aside for working on course assignments? Please include specific hours per day and days per week that you plan to set aside for your studies.

Once an Academic Standing Appeal Form is submitted, the appeal will be reviewed by an Academic Standing Consultant. If the appeal is approved, a personalized Academic Contract will be written and sent to the student. This process may take up to 2 weeks; therefore, the student should allow ample time before registration deadlines when sending in an appeal. Please keep in mind that if an appeal is submitted within two weeks of a registration deadline, the student may be required to resume courses at the start of the next semester.

Please note: Academic and financial aid GPA requirements are different.

The required GPA for good standing will vary per program. Please reference your Degree Completion Plan for more information.

Students placed on Academic Dismissal should wait 2 years and then appeal for Academic Amnesty.

Students may appeal for Academic Amnesty and will need to include the following information (you may be eligible for Academic Amnesty if you were placed on Academic Dismissal at least 2 years ago):

  1. Please specify in your appeal that your intention is to appeal for Academic Amnesty.
  2. Since last attending Liberty University, please list any accomplishments you have achieved since your last enrollment. This is not limited to educational goals, but can include personal goals, professional achievements, etc. If you have any supporting documentation to submit along with your accomplishments (transcripts, a letter from a supervisor, etc.), please include that as well.

Please keep in mind that all received appeals will be viewed by the Undergraduate Associate Registrar and if approved, will be sent to the Vice Provost for review. All submitted appeals will need to be well-written as a formal appeal and must include the detailed information mentioned above.