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What is a Webinar?Link to Archived Webinars Page

A webinar is a live, interactive, web based seminar usually lasting 30 to 60 minutes. Presenters are able
to share presentations as well as their personal desktops to allow for better conveyance  of  information
that  is  visually  important.  Attendees  are able to interact with panelists live by asking  questions  and
receiving  answers  via  a  Q&A platform. This allows attendees instant feedback and  answers  on  the
information they are viewing. Liberty University Online offers a variety of webinars with topics ranging
from Blackboard, financial aid, Jerry Falwell Library resources and much more!



Upcoming Webinars

11/29 MA: Interdisciplinary Studies Rollout
11/30 Counseling & Psychology Research: Learning the Basics
12/1 InterLibrary Loan: Getting What You Need
12/6 Prior Learning Assessment
12/7 Advanced Google: Becoming a Power Searcher
12/8 Research Terminology: Learning the Lingo
12/27 Funding Your Education
12/28 Funding Your Education

Webinar Registration Tutorial Video
   Need help registering?            
    Your first step to viewing a webinar is to register for
    the appropriate date and time. Please view the video
    at the left for assistance or the visual instructions above.


Joining a Webinar Tutorial Video     
    Joining a webinar

     On the date of your selected webinar, you will need to join
     the event. Please view the video at the left for assistance or
     view the visual instructions above.



Joining the audio conference tutorial       
    Joining the audio conference
    Once you have joined the webinar, make sure that you join
    the integrated voice conference. Please view the video for
    assistance or view the visual instructions above.


About Instructional Media

Instructional Media is a team within LUO Enrollment created to design and develop instructional materials for our online student body. The Instructional Media team works diligently to create helpful tutorial videos and beneficial webinars for students to watch. We have tutorial videos on topics ranging from how to register for classes to ordering books. Student’s may join a live webinar broadcast, or watch a live recording on our New Student Orientation, Blackboard Overview, Jerry Falwell Library Website Navigation, and much more! It is the goal of the Instructional Media team to provide professional materials to help you become a more confident, comfortable, and competent student!


Please email Instructional Media with any feedback or questions you may have regarding webinars and tutorials.