Liberty University Online Assessment

Has it been years since you have taken math or English? Are you wondering whether you are ready to jump into upper-level courses in those subjects? No worries. Liberty University Online now has placement tests that will help gauge your readiness once you have been accepted into a degree program.

Here’s how to get started:

1. If you have not already done so, set up your Liberty Network Account. This establishes your username and password and allows you to access the online assessments.

2. Choose your exam dates; allow the prescribed time for each assessment, preferably on different days. Exams should be taken within the next few weeks so that placement can be established before registration.

3. Prepare for the assessments using the study materials located in Blackboard.*

4. Reserve time in a quiet place in which you can take each exam.

Your exams will be scored automatically and be posted to your student records, showing your recommended level of English and math courses.

*Study materials only available for Math Assessment.


Q. Can I take the test more than once?
A. Yes, you can retake the math assessment if you complete the “MyMath” test review. This option is not available for the English Assessment.

Q. Is the test timed?
A. Yes. You have one hour to take the English placement test. You will have two hours to take the first part of the math placement test and 90 minutes to take the second part of the math placement test.

Q. Does the placement test cost anything?
A. No. It is free.

Q. Do I need a proctor or someone to monitor the test for me?
A. No. You are being trusted to take each test to the best of your abilities.

Q. What is the benefit of taking the placement tests?
A. Liberty University Online wants to make sure that you take the courses that are best suited for you and that you build a strong foundation for future learning. It would be counterproductive to take a class that is not challenging or too difficult.

Q. What if I get placed in a lower-level English or math class that isn’t on my degree completion plan?
A. If you are placed into a lower-level class, the credits from it may still count toward elective credit. Review your degree completion plan (DCP) to make sure that you do have elective credit available. If not, we still recommend that you start in the lower-level English or math class so that you are prepared for your degree requirements.

Q. Do I have to take math and English as my first classes?
A. No. You can take these courses at any point in your curriculum.

Q. Do I have to take math and English as my first classes even though Liberty has not yet received my official transcripts?
A. No. You can wait to see if any previous English or math courses you have taken will transfer in before registering for the placement test.

Q. What if the assessment places me in a class I have already taken and am transferring in?
A. You will not need to retake any courses that you have transferred in or take any courses you have tested out of.

Do you still have questions about placement tests?

Please contact Academic Advising by calling (800) 424-9595 (Undergraduate) or (800) 424-9596 (Graduate/Doctoral). You can also email