How to Register for Courses

Congratulations on your acceptance! We are excited to have you taking the next step with us at Liberty University.

Registration is an easy process that you can complete yourself or with the assistance of an admissions counselor or advisor. A few tools to utilize in this process are:


Register in 5 easy steps!

  1. Login to your MyLU account and under My Access click on ASIST.
  2. Once in ASIST, select the Student tab and then select Registration from the options.
  3. From here you will select the semester that you plan to register for.
  4. You will now select Add or Drop Courses and search for the courses you need.
  5. Once you locate the course you would like to register for, check the box on the left of the course and click Register at the bottom of the page.


Once you have registered for your desired number of courses be sure to complete Financial Check-In!!


Undergraduate: (800) 424-9595
Graduate: (800) 424-9596
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