Register for online college courses

How To Register

No matter what your work schedule might be, registration for your Liberty University Online college courses can be completed online twenty-four hours a day.

Simply call in to discuss your registration options with your advisor and then follow the steps below to add your courses.

Not sure when you need to be registered? Refer to the Calendar which lists all upcoming registration and Financial Check-In deadlines.

  1. To register for courses you will need to login to ASIST.
  2. In the Liberty Login box, enter your ASIST username and password, and select Go.
  3. Under Accounts, select ASIST, Select Login to the New ASIST.
  4. Under the Student tab, click on Registration.
  5. Click Add or Drop Classes.
  6. Select the term for the classes that you want to register.
  7. Select Class Search at the bottom of the page to find available courses by subject and sub-term.
  8. Here you may enter just the subject and course number you wish to search for (or enter more information to narrow your search). Once you locate the course that you would like to register for, check the box at the left and click register at the bottom of the page.
  9. Continue adding courses until the desired amount of courses has been added to your schedule.
  10. Select the complete Financial Check-In link to complete Financial Check-In for the semester. 

Financial Check-In

Once you have registered, don't forget to complete Financial Check-In. For instructions, visit the How to Complete Financial Check-In webpage.