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About the School of Aeronautics

Training Christ-Centered Aviators

During the past 15 years, our degree programs have grown from just 4 students to over 1,200 students worldwide. It is now one of the largest faith-based collegiate aviation programs in North America. With a vision to impact the world for Christ as the preeminent center of aerospace education, the School of Aeronautics daily carries out its mission to equip, mentor, and send Champions for Christ into the aerospace community.

School of Aeronautics programs integrate a biblical worldview with aviation excellence while seeking to instill and develop the best qualities of airmanship in each of our graduates. When speaking of airmanship, the focus of our programs is on the skills and knowledge needed to safely and efficiently operate and maintain air vehicles, whether they are manned or unmanned. Good airmanship encompasses the discipline, leadership skills, and character needed to excel in any aviation profession, and that is what we promote and espouse every day.

Our education programs deliver the hard and soft skills desired by the aviation industry and mission aviation organizations:

  • Professionalism
  • Character
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Leadership and team-building skills

Preparing Aviation Leaders

The School of Aeronautics incorporates leadership and mentorship education during the freshman and sophomore years. Students are prepared to become mentors, leaders, and instructors in their chosen aviation field. Our programs are designed to be transformational education and training experiences, and students are able to gain real experience as flight instructors, UAS operators, industry interns, researchers, and in many other roles. We partner with airline companies, corporate aviation companies, military branches, UAS companies, mission organizations, and other aviation entities to effectively train and coach our students as they journey to the place God wants them to be.

Experienced Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff strive to grow aviation leaders to know their identity, thrive in their faith, and love others in Christ to become difference makers in the aerospace community. School of Aeronautics professors come from successful careers in military aviation, commercial aviation, or mission aviation. They genuinely invest in the spiritual and professional development of our students, equipping them for rewarding and impactful careers.

Safety is Our Number One Priority

Our safety reporting system is available to both students and instructors. It offers the ability to report anything you witness or experience that may be inconsistent with our safety standards, whether it be in flight, during ground operations or an observation on the airport ramp. You can choose to remain anonymous during the completion of the form. The more information you can provide about the issue, the better we can help to address it.

Loening Trophy

Liberty University School of Aeronautics flight team captured the prestigious Loening Trophy awarded to the outstanding all-around collegiate aviation program in the nation at the 2017, 2018 and 2019 NIFA SAFECON National Competition. In addition, the team captured the American Airlines Safety Award for the third year in a row.

The Loening Trophy is the rarest and oldest of all collegiate aviation awards, and it is presented annually to the outstanding all-around collegiate aviation program in the nation. The Loening Trophy was first awarded in 1929 when aviation pioneer and inventor, Dr. Grover Loening saw a need to annually recognize the most outstanding achievements of today’s college aviation programs. Dr. Loening (first aeronautical engineer for the Wright Brothers), asked his friends and famous pilots, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, and Navy Commander John Towers to assist him in judging the first competition. The original Loening Trophy is still awarded today and is considered the most prestigious award at the annual SAFECON competition. The award not only represents superb achievement in aeronautical skills but more importantly represents the current benchmark for an overall outstanding collegiate aviation program. Emphasis on academics, community involvement, aviation skills and their advancement, a comprehensive safety program, and professionalism, when combined with a pro-active enhancement of the future of aviation are keys for the selection of this award.

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