Laundry Facilities

** Note:  All laundry facilities only accept coins and Flames Cash now.    If you have a laundry card with money on it, you can convert it to Flames Cash. 


On-campus laundry facilities listed below are open daily from 6:00 am to 11:30 pm. Main Campus, Annex, and Annex II laundry facilities are serviced by Caldwell & Gregory.  All laundry facilities accept coins and Flames Cash only.


  • M13-1 (Circle)
  • M20-1 (Hill)
  • M24-1 (South Campus, between M29 and M33)
  • M33-1 (South Tower, female only)
  • Liberty Residential Annex - B Building - 1st and 2nd floor
  • Liberty Residential Annex II - 1st floor

Note: East Campus Apartments are equipped with a washing machine and dryer (no coins or Flames Cash required)

Using the laundry facilities

Payment Options

  • Main Campus, Annex, and Annex II washers and dryers accept coins or Flames Cash only. 
  • Change machines are located in M13, M20, M24, Annex I (Front Lobby) and Annex II.
  • The cardholder is charged for the laundry when they swipe their card, not when the laundry machine is actually started.

How to use a washer or dryer card reader

  • Follow the easy instructions above the appropriate card reader to run a washer or dryer or read "How to Guide."

Putting money on your Flames Pass for laundry use (online or on-campus):

  • Flames Cash Advance (during Financial Check-in)
  • Card Services Office
  • PHIL machines located in DeMoss and Green Hall