Financial Check-In Information

FCI is Liberty’s online process for students to confirm their courses, housing and dining (if applicable), and financial arrangements each semester.

All students must complete FCI online through ASIST each semester by the respective deadline for each semester, including:

  • Students with financial aid (loans, scholarships, grants) or payments resulting in zero or credit balances.
  • Students with balances requiring payment arrangements.
  • Faculty and staff pursuing continuing education.
  • To secure course schedule, housing and dining (if applicable), and financial arrangements.
  • Payment plan options are offered in FCI.  The earlier FCI is completed, the more payment plan options are available. This means the sooner you complete FCI, the lower you can arrange your monthly payments because you have more time to complete the payment plan.
  • Courses may be dropped and a $125 late fee may be assessed if FCI is not completed by the deadline date every semester.

FCI deadlines are established and communicated to the student each semester by Student Accounts and other University departments. 

 FCI Deadlines

Step-by-step guides are provided to assist with completing FCI:  refer to the guide that best applies to you.