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Financial Check-In (FCI) Guide for Military Students

Because military students have unique needs as they prepare to complete Financial Check-In, we have created this webpage to help you get the information you need. Here, we provide the following information:

Depending on your status as a residential or online military student, and the benefits you are using, there may be some additional information that you need to know to complete Financial Check-In. Click the link that pertains to you below to find out more:

Looking for upcoming dates and deadlines? Check out our Dates and Deadlines webpage.

What is Financial Check-In?

Financial Check-In is required of all students each semester they are taking courses. It is the process by which students confirm their course schedule, charges, financial aid, any discounts or military funding, and payment arrangements are correct before securing enrollment in courses. Since Financial Check-In is the final step in the registration process, it is vital that Financial Check-In is completed by the deadline. Failure to do so can result in your courses being dropped and/or a $125 late fee being assessed.


How do I complete Financial Check-In?

As a military student, you will need to submit any paperwork needed to set up your military benefits ahead of time to ensure it is processed and any benefits are posted to your account before you complete check-in. If your paperwork is submitted late, you may not have all of your discounts and aid available when you go to complete Financial Check-In.

For more information on how to set up your specific benefit(s), select the corresponding link below:

To complete Financial Check-In:

  1. Sign in to MyLU
  2. Click ASIST (under My Access)
  3. Click Student
  4. Click Financial Check-In
  5. Proceed through all steps
  6. Verify military aid posted correctly
  7. Save FCI receipt once complete.


Additional Financial Check-In Information:

 Residential Deferred Payment Plan
As a residential military student, your Financial Check-In deadline is established by the Student Accounts office. If you are a residential military student using any chapter of the GI Bill or Military Tuition Assistance, you will have a special payment plan option in Financial Check-In. This “Military Deferred” option will allow you to make a small 0.5% payment upfront, and then split the remainder of the bill into three payments, with the first payment deferred until after the first month of the semester. This plan is designed to give students enough time to secure their specific military funding before the first large payment is due. If you are not a residential student utilizing GI Bill or Tuition Assistance benefits, you will not have this option in Financial Check-In. Please contact a Military Benefits Representative if you have any questions about this payment plan.

Please note that the deferred payment plan for residential students is only offered in the standard Fall and Spring semesters. It is not available in the Summer semester.

 Online Financial Check-In Deadlines
As an online military student, your Financial Check-In deadline will depend on your first term of enrollment each semester. For example, if you have registered for B and D subterm courses, you will be required to complete Financial Check-In for the entire semester by the B term deadline. Check out our Military Dates and Deadlines webpage for the specific deadlines associated with the upcoming term(s).

 Online Financial Check-In Extension for Tuition Assistance
Online students using Tuition Assistance are eligible to have their Financial Check-In deadline extended to the deadline that corresponds with their latest term of enrollment. To receive the extension, students must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Using TA for one or more of their courses in the semester
  • Must fully resolve the balance from the earlier term(s) of enrollment by that term’s FCI deadline
  • Must maintain their enrollment in the later term. If the later course is dropped, the original FCI deadline will apply and a late fee may be assessed if not completed on time.

When these criteria are met, the Financial Check-In extension will apply automatically. However, if you have any questions about your deadline, please contact us for clarification. You may be dropped from your courses if these arrangements are not made before the deadline.

 Online Payment Arrangements for Veterans Affairs/GI Bill Benefits
Online students using GI Bill benefits will need to ensure all paperwork needed for certification has been submitted to the Office of Military Affairs by the established form deadline each semester. You will receive a confirmation email from a VA certifying official once your enrollment has been certified and you are ready to complete Financial Check-In.

  • Under Chapter 33 and Chapter 31, tuition is paid directly to the school by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Students using these benefits are responsible to complete Financial Check-In by the established deadline. Chapter 31 and Chapter 33 students using Liberty’s advanced credit option should work with the Office of Military Affairs to ensure their credit has been posted to their account in time to complete Financial Check-In by the established deadline. For more information on this process, please review our Veterans Benefits webpage.
  • Under Chapters 1606, 30, and 35, students are responsible to pay the school for their courses and will be reimbursed by the Department of Veterans Affairs directly. To assist these students with the up-front payment costs, the Military Payment Plan is available to them in Financial Check-In. Please contact a Military Benefits Representative if you have any questions about this payment plan.


GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at https://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.