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Student Accounts

LUCOM student-doctors pictured outside the Center of Medical and Health Sciences on the campus of Liberty University.

Student Accounts

The Office of Student Accounts exists to assist and support LUCOM student-doctors with excellent customer service in Financial Check-In (FCI), refunds, balance resolution, and the coordination and collection of payments.

Additional assistance is available, such as:

  1. Assisting with FCI and/or Tuition Payment Plan related Issues. FCI must be completed online, through ASIST each semester, and is how the student’s class schedule, attendance and financial arrangements are confirmed each semester
  2. Processing and applying payments of cash, checks, money orders, credit cards, wire transfers, and online payments to the student-doctors’ accounts
  3. Counseling you with your account. Each student-doctor is encouraged to speak with the LUCOM Student Accounts Representative regarding questions and assistance related to their account, balance, or payment arrangements

Got a question to ask about your account? The LUCOM Student Accounts Representative is available to meet in person, by phone, and/or email.