Liberty University Police Dept. (LUPD) will enforce traffic and parking regulations on the property of Liberty University, Thomas Road Baptist Church (TRBC), Liberty Christian Academy (LCA), the Early Learning Center (ELC), as well as any auxiliary locations owned by the university system.

ALL employees, students and visitors bringing a vehicle on campus must register their vehicle. Employees and students must complete vehicle registration on-line through the Liberty University Police Department website. This registration form sets forth certain responsibilities of all employees and students concerning the operation of a motor vehicle on campus. Ignorance of the regulations does not exempt an individual from the penalties of these regulations.

For employees, a payroll deduction form is also included in the online registration process. Once completed the parking decal fee will be automatically deducted from the employee’s paycheck. Student fees will be assessed to the individual’s student account.

Any motor vehicle (including motorcycles, motorbikes and mopeds) or bicycle operated or parked on property owned or controlled by Liberty University must display a valid Liberty University parking decal or temporary parking pass.  Failure to do so can result in towing, and/or other administrative actions. 

Liberty University parking decals and temporary passes are issued through Liberty University Police Department. Visitors may obtain a temporary pass at the Liberty University Police Department, Hancock Welcome Center or the Information Desk at the main entrance to Green Hall.  “Authorization” from other departments to park on campus without a decal or temporary pass should be disregarded.

Parking Decal Placement

Proper decal placement is the responsibility of the individual student, faculty or staff member who is operating a vehicle on campus.  While Liberty University parking decals are issued through Liberty University Police Department it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure they are properly displaying parking decals.  Parking decals should be placed on the back windshield in the lower left hand corner of the vehicle unless more than one vehicle is registered to the same decal. In those cases, the decal will be affixed to a plastic hangtag to be placed on the vehicles rear view mirror.  Decals affixed to hangtags should also be facing the vehicle windshield at all times.  Vehicles with “convertible rooftops” may place their parking decal on the “rear view” mirror and in a manner where it will be visible.  Motorcycles and mopeds should place their parking decals on the front “fork area” of the vehicle and in a manner where it is visible. In the case where a dashboard permit is issued then such permit should be placed in the dashboard of the vehicle. It is the vehicle owners/operators responsibility to ensure that their parking permit is fully visible at all times.  

General Parking Guidelines


Unless otherwise noted, most parking decal restrictions are enforced Monday through Friday 4am - 4pm or in accordance to posted times displayed on entrance signs located at the entrances of each parking lot. This means that after 4pm, parking decal restrictions are lifted and a properly registered vehicle can park in any parking lot provided the vehicle is located in a legally marked parking space and that space does not have a sign noting different instructions (ie handicapped, reserved, RD, other individually signed spaces).  Additionally, any space or parking lot with a sign is reserved in some way or any parking lot that has a sign at the entrance that reads “reserved at all times” and therefore not subject to open parking.

When operating a vehicle on university properties, it is important to check the posted parking lot signs to ensure that you are parking your vehicle in an area that is allowed by your parking decal or temporary pass.  Even in cases, where parking permit restrictions are not being enforced, students, employees and visitors are still required to park in a legal parking space.  The vehicle is required to be between two lines or space markers, and not in a parking space or parking lot that is reserved or otherwise designated.  The fact that one motor vehicle is parked in such a manner that is in violation of traffic and parking regulations is not an acceptable excuse for another vehicle to do the same.  This includes all motorcycles and mopeds.  Violations will result in towing.  Furthermore, it is important to remember that because you may have parked illegally on a consistent basis without being towed will not be considered an acceptable excuse for when such time your vehicle is towed. 

Obtaining a parking permit does not guarantee a convenient parking space.  Lack of a convenient parking space is not a valid excuse for violation of any regulation.  Individuals accessing campus during large events such College for a Weekend, Athletic Events, Homecoming, Graduation, etc., should understand that parking availability is impacted due to the large numbers of visitors accessing campus during those times.  Individuals using campus during those times are encouraged to refer to the event calendar posted on the university website and plan for extra time needed to utilize overflow parking areas and transit services. 

A parking decal is valid only for the vehicle to which it was issued. Any vehicle using a decal that was not issued specifically to that vehicle will be considered fraudulent use and is subject to towing, and/or other administrative actions.  Parking decals that have been affixed to a plastic hangtag shall only be used on vehicles registered for that specific parking permit.  “Loaning” out a parking permit to an individual to use on a vehicle for which that permit is not register to can result in towing and other administrative actions.

A person may NOT register a vehicle owned or used by another student or employee.  Falsification of the registration information may result in the vehicle being BANNED from campus.  Further disciplinary action for the parties involved in such deception may also be taken.

Anytime an unregistered vehicle is used temporarily on campus, a temporary pass for the vehicle must be obtained from LUPD.

There is no exception for vehicles parked on sidewalks, in roadways or crosswalks, and fire lanes, etc. even if it is only for “a few minutes”.  Additionally, vehicle parked along the curbs which inhibit the right of way (as determined by LUPD) are also subject to towing and other administrative actions.

All parking regulations are in effect 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Parking rules and regulations are applicable year round, including periods when classes are not in session. All parking lots are subject to closure to all students and employees during special events.  Most notifications of these closures will  generally be posted on the LU Official Announcements Splash Page and/or by reader board placement at the entrances of those affected areas.  In some cases, where a closure has a commensurate impact on a specific department, then department heads may also be notified via email. 

The University assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to private property.

Regulations are subject to change without notice.  In such cases, these changes will be posted on the Liberty University Police Department's website. Notifications of these changes will also be posted on the LU Official Announcements Splash Page.

Parking decal classifications for on-campus residential students will be based on the place of their residence on campus and the student’s academic classification at the time the vehicle is registered.  Using the “academic classification” standard allows the University to provide preferred parking to the most students without exceeding the availability on campus.  A parking decal guide complete with a list of decal classifications and fees can be accessed using the vehicle registration link located on LUPD’s home page.

In most cases, parking assignments for commuter students and employees will be based on a first come first serve bases for decals in specified zones.  There are a certain amount of decals reserved for each lot which is divided between students and employees.  This provides an equal opportunity for both students and employees to potentially register for a parking decal in these designated zones.  LUPD cannot take any responsibility for an individual’s inability to secure the parking permit they desire due to an individual’s lack of computer access, an individual being out of the country at the time of the vehicle registration period, or being on leave during said period.

Payments of Parking Fines & Fees

Any vehicle found on campus unregistered and owned or operated by a student or employee will be assessed the appropriate fees by the LUPD Record’s Office. This will include the following:

A Late Vehicle Registration Fee of $30.00 and a Forced Registration Fee of $200.00 will be assessed if an individual fails to register their vehicle by published deadlines.

In cases where LUPD has to match records with the Department of Motor Vehicles or other outside agencies, another $30.00 fee will be assessed.

LUPD can accept payments for any traffic & parking fees or fines insofar that the payment is for the exact amount of the fine by cash or by check.  In the case of students, such charges will be placed on the student account.  Charges for vehicle registration, traffic fees and fines that can’t be paid in the exact amount, or credit card payments, are payable at the Student Accounts Office for students or at the Accounting Department for employees.

Changes in License Plate Information

If the registered owner has the license plates of their vehicle changed at any point during a semester (summer included), they must go to LUPD and update their license plate information immediately upon placing the new license plates on their vehicle.  Failure to do so can result in fines, towing, and/or other administrative action.

Registering More Than One Vehicle

Students who live in a residential hall and register more than one vehicle must display a current parking decal on the rear window of each vehicle.  Students will also will be required to purchase each decal at full price for each of the vehicles at the beginning of the Fall Semester or in accordance with the approved decal cost proration schedule if after the beginning of the Fall Semester.  Commuter Students and Employees must display a current decal on a rearview mirror hangtag in the vehicle that they are operating on campus at that time.  Only one of these vehicles may be on campus at one time.  Commuter Students and Employees who register more than one vehicle must register all vehicles online before going to the LUPD Records Office. In such cases, the decal will be issued on a hangtag.  If a student or employee has a standard vehicle and a motorcycle, they will be issued one decal for their standard vehicle (on a hangtag if there is more than one standard vehicle being registered) and another decal for their motorcycle.  Commuter Students and Employees will be required to purchase their initial decal at full price if at the beginning of the Fall semester or in accordance with the approved decal cost proration schedule if after the beginning of the Fall Semester.

Parking Variances

The Chief or his authorized representative will grant variations from the regulations or any special considerations.  All requests must be in writing to LUPD; a written justification from; a faculty member, staff member, medical professional or other authority that is responsible for the student seeking a variance or special consideration, must accompany Student requests.


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