School of Education Intensive Guidelines

Since only three intensives are required for our licensure and doctoral programs, we have only a short time of face-to-face contact. Your ability to successfully complete these courses is imperative for recommending you for licensure to work with K-12 students or to prepare you for your dissertation. Because of this, the following guidelines are part of the School of Education intensives.

NOTE:  Additional information (housing, transportation, etc.) available at LUO Intensives


(See ASIST for official schedule.  Preliminary guide provided below)

Note to elementary, special education, and reading specialists seeking VIRGINIA licensure
- schedule to take RVE while in Virginia.  EDUC 554 required prior to RVE!  Must register in advance at

  • One-week intensives

    • Winter - last week of December (ALL intensive courses are offered in December)
    • Spring - first week in January
    • Summer - June and July (ALL intensive courses are offered in Summer)
  • Weekend intensives

    • Three weekends in the fall or spring
    • Fridays 5-9 and Saturdays 8:30-5:00
    • One weekend per month
  • NOTE:

    • ALL intensive courses will be offered as one-week intensives in December.
    • Several intensive courses will be offered as one-week intensives in January.
    • ALL intensive courses will be offered as one-week intensives in Summer.
    • Several intensive courses will be offered as weekend intensives in fall and spring.

Dress Code

Buying Textbooks

The textbooks should be available on MBS Direct, below are directions:

  • Go to
  • Choose Buy Books.
  • Choose correct payment options.
  • Choose the Term for which you're enrolled. For Winter Intensives select Spring A & B
    (Winter Intensives is not a choice).
  • Click ONLY the Intensives box.
  • Scroll down to EDUC ___ (list your course number here).


Attendance for the full five days is required for passing your course. This policy is non-negotiable because of the short amount of time we have together. So please make travel arrangements early enough to allow for flight delays.  There are exciting things to do here in Lynchburg. Or you can come early to begin to work on assignments. 

In-class Assignments

(Assignments to be done during the week of class.)

  • A class presentation is required in each course (either individual or group) – This gives us the opportunity to see your teaching ability.  Please be aware that professional dress is expected for this presentation. So please pack accordingly.  Presentation dress code.
  • In-class written (or typed) exam. – This gives us the opportunity to see your original work. 
  • Demonstration of technology (using PowerPoint while presenting or the typed essay). 

Post-class Assignments

Please see your course guide and syllabus. Winter intensives (December) may not have post assignments. However, most summer intensives do have post-assignments.


The below syllabi are provided as samples to give you an idea of what an intensive may entail.  These documents are subject to change.  Please do not purchase textbooks or plan for assignments and due dates according to these samples. Once you have officially enrolled in an intensive, please refer to the syllabus and course chart within Blackboard for information regarding textbooks, course schedule, assignments, due dates, and other expectations.



EDUC 504 Syllabus
EDUC 622 Syllabus
EDUC 623 Syllabus
EDUC 632 Syllabus
EDUC 641 Syllabus
EDUC 645 Syllabus
EDUC 673 Syllabus

EDUC 730 

EDUC 741 Syllabus
EDUC 747 Syllabus
EDUC 915 Syllabus
EDUC 917 Syllabus
EDUC 919 Syllabus