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Career Advancement

To be eligible to apply for a Career Advancement (CA) you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You have been in your current position for at least one (1) full year if you are a full-time employee or six (6) months if you are a part-time employee (You may not apply early).
  2. You are not on a corrective review for your current position.
  3. The job to which you are applying has a higher pay range than your current position.

If you are not qualified for a CA-based on one or more of the three criteria stated above, your application will be marked as “Not Qualified” and will not be processed for the specific position(s) for which you do not qualify to transfer.

In order to apply for a Career Advancement (CA), you must complete the following steps:

  • Go to https://jobs.liberty.edu and choose to create an online staff application.
  • Create a user account and then complete a staff application.
  • Complete a Career Advancement Application.
  • Print and complete one unique CA form per position to which you wish to apply (i.e. if you want to apply to 3 different positions, you will need to print and complete 3 different forms).
  • Ask your supervisor and the Department Manager to sign all of your CA forms.
  • Scan your CA forms as separate PDF files on to a computer.
  • Find the position to which you wish to apply and click the “Apply” button within that specific posting.
  • Review your application and then answer any supplemental questions.
  • When you arrive at the screen where you can attach supplemental documents, attach the unique CA form PDF file that you completed for that position.
  • You may attach any other documents as well if desired or required by the position.
  • Finish applying to the position – You will know your application was sent for the position when you receive a Confirmation Number.



  • Human Resources will NOT accept or process any paper CA forms. All CA forms must be submitted online along with an online staff or faculty application in order to be reviewed/processed.
  • All current staff employees (full-time and part-time) are required to attach a CA form at the time that they apply to a new position. Failure to attach a CA at the time of applying to a position is counted as failure to complete the application and may result in automatic disqualification for the position.
  • You may apply to as many different positions as you wish so long as you attach a unique CA form to each position at the time that you apply to it. You only have to create an online application one time and it will save in the system for one year. However, each subsequent time you wish to apply for a new position, you will need to complete a new CA form for that position.