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Frequently Asked Questions


Continuing Education

When am I eligible to start using the education benefits?

You and your dependents are eligible to start using education benefits beginning the first term after your first day of employment.

Where can I find the education policy and forms?

The education forms and policies can be found on the Human Resources site under the Forms section; you will then scroll down to the Education Benefit Forms.

What is the deadline to submit a Continuing Education (CE) form or a Dependent Grant-In-Aid (DGIA) form?

The DGIA should be submitted by April 30th each year, however, HR does process these forms year round.  The form is submitted online in the CE and DGIA Education Portal.  The link is located under the Forms section; you will then scroll down to the Education Benefits Forms.

CE forms are submitted for each course you take.  You can submit one form at the beginning of each semester.  These forms are due 3 weeks prior to financial check-in deadlines.  If your department does not have access to submit CE forms in the portal then you may email a paper CE form to HR for processing.  The form is located under the Forms section; you will then scroll down to the Education Benefits Forms.

How many courses can I take as an employee using my education benefit?
You are allowed to take 18 credit hours per academic year, see CE policy for specific information.

How do I know if my education form got processed?
You will receive an automated email from Human Resources once your CE form has been approved.  Your form will be sent to Financial Aid (FA) for further processing/posting.  Once FA has posted your aid, it will reflect on your ASIST account.

What if the aid is not showing on my ASIST?
Your aid can only be posted if all of your requirements have been met. If you are in an undergraduate program, you must have completed the FAFSA and the VTAG. If you were selected for verification, you must provide specific documentation before your aid can be posted. You must also be registered for courses in order for your aid to post. If all of these things have been done, you may contact Financial Aid at (434) 582-2270.

What about grad students?
Graduate students are not required to submit FAFSA or VTAG applications. If you are under a qualifying graduate degree, Financial Aid will contact you to submit VTAG upon receipt of your CE form. You must be registered for courses in order for your aid to post. If your aid is not showing on your ASIST account, you may contact Financial Aid at (434) 582-2270.

Will the CE or DGIA affect my taxes?
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires Liberty University to withhold taxes on any education benefits provided to our employees using CE in excess of $5,250 per calendar year, and that Liberty also withhold taxes on every dollar an employee’s dependent uses in DGIA at the Graduate and Doctoral level. Taxes owed on CE and DGIA benefits will be charged to the employee or their dependent’s student account and must be paid as part of the Financial Check In (FCI) process.
At the end of the calendar year, the taxable tuition for CE/DGIA will be added to the employee’s income, on their W2. The amounts collected will show as withheld in the appropriate boxes on the W-2.

International Student Workers

Can an International student work more than 18 hours per week?
No. An international student enrolled in a full-time educational program is only allowed to work up to 18 hours per week.

Can an International student work more than 18 hours per week during vacation?
According to US Citizenship and Immigration Services regulations, an International student is allowed to work 40 hours per week during any school-sponsored vacation.

Would an international student be allowed to work more than 18 per week during the last week of school or day or class?
No. The semester end date will be on the last day of the week and not when the student completes his/her final exams.

Can an international student work during any holiday?
An international student will be able to work up to 40 hours per week during spring break, summer break, Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break. Because Easter holiday falls on a Monday and is only one day, the 18 hours per week will apply in this situation.

Student Employment

Where do I find the application for student employment?
In order to apply for a student position, visit the employment webpage: www.liberty.edu/jobs. Select the “Student Work” link in the left-hand column, then Student Job Openings. You will first need to create an application by clicking on the “Create Application” link, located on the left-hand side of the screen. After completing your application, you may return to the home screen to view and apply for student positions.

Once I have submitted my student application, what’s next?
If a supervisor is searching for a student who has the skills and schedule desired for the open position, the student is contacted for an interview. If the department is interested, the supervisor will retrieve the application from the database for review and set up the interview.

Where are the jobs posted?
The student job openings are posted at www.liberty.edu/jobs. Click on “Student Work” in the left-hand column, then click Student Job Openings in the middle of the page.

How do I know if I am eligible for Work Study?
Work Study is determined by the FAFSA, which every student is required to complete. The eligibility is determined by the estimated family contribution. If you are eligible for work study, you should have received an award letter stating such. If you are eligible for work study, the award and the amount is posted on your ASIST account.

May I work in more than one position?
Students may work in only one student position at a time.

Will I be contacted for a job?
Hiring decisions are left to the discretion of the individual, University departments. Our student employment positions are highly competitive. If chosen for an interview, a hiring manager would reach out to the applicant using the information provided on the employment application.

If I am hired, what is the next step?
Once you are hired, your supervisor will give you instructions for the Student New Hire Process. This information is also located on our website. Each student must have an approved student application, hiring paperwork submitted to Human Resources, and Human Resources approval on your Student New Hire Checklist before starting employment. Please note that I-9 verification requires us to review original, government-issued documentation. Please review these required documents to ensure you are prepared to provide them for examination by a Human Resources representative, at the time of submitting your tax documentation. No student worker will be permitted to start to work until the I-9 verification is completed.

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