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Undergraduate Practicum with SADA

Register for Your Practicum

The practicum is field experience where you will work under a site supervisor for 30 hours per credit hour (Studio BFA students are required to take 3 credits hours for 90 contact hours total) and are tasked with the creation of a significant body of creative work or product during the experience. Practicum students are required to submit a presentation of completed practicum creative work during the midpoint and upon completion of the course in order to receive passing credit for the practicum.

Hours of Work

A 1-credit hour practicum requires that you work at least 30 hours.

  • Studio B.F.A. students are required to take 3 credits for practicum (either 30 hours each or 90 total hours) as part of their concentration.
  • Graphic design B.F.A. students are required to take 1 credit for practicum (30 contact hours) as part of their concentration.
  • Studio B.F.A. students may choose to register for a practicum for more than one credit hours. Up to 3 credit hours are allowed (90 contact hours).

Credit Hours

All credit hours of your practicum must be completed within your major – not your minor. Practicums must be completed during the semester in which you are registered for the course.

Finding a Practicum

We recommend that all students contact the Career Center to start the process of looking for a practicum – this is your first point of contact. They can help equip you with the resources needed to locate a suitable practicum opportunity. Look for the appointment link to request an appointment with a Career Counselor.


The Career Center has made it even easier for you to connect with professionals in your area and around the world. It is recommended that you visit our Career Fairs. Here you’ll have access to Liberty University’s ever-expanding network of professionals looking for new talent. This is an excellent opportunity for you to network and learn what positions are available. The Career Center website contains information for all Liberty talent, including residential, online, and alumni. All students have access to Career Counselors as well. Residential students meet in person, and online students have exclusive rights to phone appointments.


Additionally, the Career Center has created a resource for practicum opportunities through Handshake, a cloud-based solution that connects students and alumni with career opportunities and events. Handshake has more than 500 schools and over 9 million students and alumni in its network. 250,000+ employers and Fortune 500 companies actively use Handshake to recruit. You can find practicums and internships as well as full-time positions through Handshake.


You may acquire a position outside of the Career Center; however, there is important information you will need pertaining to paid and unpaid positions. In general, if you intern with a For-profit company/organization you should be paid at least minimum wage ($7.25 per hour) for all contact hours. Non-paid exceptions regarding for-profit field internships (includes the Practicum) can be found by reviewing Fact Sheet #71 through an internet search. Non-profits and government entities are exempt from the minimum wage payment requirement, but some of these are starting to pay as well. Whether your practicum is paid or not, the experience is what you are looking for, so measure carefully as to what you will gain through the experience when considering a practicum.

Practicum Site Responsibilities

You must be directly supervised by a site supervisor who has a degree in your area of study or has considerable documented experience in the given field – at least 3-5 years of experience.

  • A virtual practicum is acceptable. Site supervisor means a physical employer, so the activity between the employer and the student can be online/remote interaction if this is the method in which the company/organization conducts their business.
  • The company/organization must provide enough work to fill the work hour requirements agreed upon in the contract.
  • Your site supervisor must agree to give feedback about your experience filling out a mid and final evaluation.

Practicum Eligibility

To be eligible for a practicum, you must have:

  • 2.0 GPA or higher
  • Declared a major within the SADA department
  • Completed 15 hours within a Studio and Digital Arts major
  • No more than one outstanding CSER requirement

Adding Your Practicum Class to ASIST (Residential)

The process for registration is unique and there are specific steps that you must follow before you can gain entry.

  1. Attend an internship workshop the semester before you plan to complete the practicum. This is where you will receive detailed instructions and required paperwork. Look for emails from the Studio and Digital Arts throughout the semester announcing dates/times of workshops.
  2. Fill out the paperwork you receive at the workshop. This will include your internship/practicum contract that your site supervisor must sign.
  3. Hand in all completed paperwork to Joel Cockrell jlcockrell2@liberty.edu, SADA faculty internship advisor. Paperwork must be completed filled out for eligibility.
  4. If paperwork is approved, your class will now be added to your ASIST account.


Residential Registration Deadlines

  • Summer internship – third Friday in April (attend workshop in spring semester)
  • Fall internship – third Friday in April (attend workshop in spring semester)
  • Spring internship – third Friday in November (attend workshop in fall semester)


*Because the prerequisite approvals and contract take time to complete, allow for plenty of time to register. Contact Joel Cockrell jlcockrell2@liberty.edu with any questions.

Adding your Practicum Course to ASIST (LUO)

All students intending to complete an ARTS 398 Practicum must attend an internship workshop the semester before completing the practicum in which detailed instructions are given. For internship workshop dates, look for BlackBoard announcements posted in residential classes toward the beginning of each semester. You can also contact your faculty internship advisor, Joel Cockrell at jlcockrell2@liberty.edu.


Follow these steps:

  1. Contact Advising so they can ensure that you are eligible to register for an internship. If you are eligible, they will put you in contact with the faculty internship advisor.
  2. Fill out the paperwork you receive from the faculty internship advisor. This will include your internship/practicum contract that your site supervisor must sign.
  3. Scan and send in all completed paperwork to Joel Cockrell at jlcockrell2@liberty.edu, SADA faculty internship advisor. Paperwork must be completely filled out for eligibility.
  4. If paperwork is approved, your course will now be added to your ASIST account.

LUO Registration Deadlines

For all deadlines, see the LUO academic calendar. Contact Advising luoadvising@liberty.edu with any questions.