Handicap, Railroad Crossing, and Emergency Lights

Handicap Parking

Handicap Parking spaces are reserved for persons with state issued handicap plates or window permits. If you need handicap parking, please contact the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. LUPD does NOT issue handicap plates or permits.

Handicap plates and permits are issued for an individual needing to park close to buildings because of a physical handicap. These plates and permits are issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles and require a doctor’s signature. Abuse of the plates and permits by other persons could result in any combination of the following:

  • Liberty parking or traffic citation
  • Revocation of campus driving privileges
  • City of Lynchburg handicap parking ticket
  • Issuing of a Virginia Uniform Summons for violating state code.
  • Revocation of the Handicap Permit by the state of issuance

Note – If all handicap areas are occupied, a handicap plate/permit allows parking in any student space or standard staff space only.

See also Parking Regulations and Fines


Railroad Crossings

Railroad crossings are dangerous places. Railroad policies concerning proper crossing and trespassing on railroad right of way should always be followed. A railroad brochure is available to every student and employee from L.U.P.D. Violation of railroad policies could result in citations or arrest of the violator. Help prevent needless injury, loss of life, or legal complication by complying with all railroad policies. It is violation of Virginia statute to go around railroad crossing arms when they are down, even if no train is in sight.
Pedestrians should never cross over or under train cars when they are stopped on the tracks, doing so could result in an arrest for trespass.


Vehicle Equipped with Emergency Lights

Any student or employee having a vehicle operated or parked on property owned or controlled by Liberty University that has any type of emergency light (white, blue, green, amber, etc.), mounted permanently or temporarily, must obtain permission from the Chief of Police to operate such emergency lighting while on campus. The permission will be in writing and kept inside the vehicle while parked or driven on University-controlled property and be available for inspection should the vehicle be stopped.