2018-19 Vehicle Registration

Fall Semester Information

Full enforcement of ticketing and towing will begin Monday, August 27 at 4 a.m. 

How do I Purchase my Parking Decal?

What Decal Should I Choose?

  • Faculty & Staff - FS
  • Commuter Student - CS
  • Residential Student - RS
  • Freshmen Student - FF1, FF2 (only activated if needed), FF3 (only activated if needed)
    • FF1 - Macy's Parking Lot at River Ridge Mall
    • FF2 - Askew Parking Lot
    • FF3 - Natatorium Parking Lot

There will be no Carpool Program this year.

New Parking System Explanation

Liberty’s new parking system is forthcoming.  The Parking Maps have been finalized and may be viewed by clicking here.  Residential students will have separate parking lots from commuters, faculty and staff.  Residential students will not be able to park in the designated commuter, faculty and staff lots.  The new system does not make campus a free-for-all, it simply allows the same designations from previous years to be interchangeable. 


All of the residential-only lots from previous years will continue to be residential only.  The only difference is that if a resident student chooses to drive to a different dorm to visit a friend or to work on a group project, they are able to park in a legal parking space without fear of being towed.  Same for commuter, faculty and staff.  All of the same lots are available for commuter, faculty and staff as they were in previous years; this year the only difference is that if your lot fills up, you do not automatically have to go to Satellite Parking, you may choose to do so if you wish, however, you may also choose to park in any other commuter, faculty and staff parking lot, that has an open parking space, without fear of being towed.  If a commuter chooses to park in the Garage for class but wants to go to the gym afterwards, they no longer have to catch the bus if they do not wish to, they may choose to drive down and find a closer parking space to the gym during enforcement hours.


It will take some getting used to, but we believe this system will give students, faculty and staff more flexibility when parking on campus.

How Will I Receive My Decal?

All parking permits will be mailed through September 28, 2018. After that Decals may only be picked up at the LUPD Front Office Desk.

  • Employees – Intercampus mail
  • Commuter Students – Local Commuter Address listed in the Contact Info section of your myLU portal
  • Resident Students – On-campus mailbox
  • Once you have completed vehicle registration and requested your decal, you will receive a confirmation email.
    • This email will serve as your temporary parking decal until your actual decal arrives. Print the confirmation email off and place it in your vehicle's dashboard prior to parking on campus. Pay careful attention to the expiration date on this email. If you haven’t received your decal by the expiration date, it is the individual’s responsibility to go to LUPD and obtain a replacement decal. Failure to receive your parking permit through the mail is not a valid reason for parking on campus without a permit.

See the Transit website for more detailed schedule information regarding bus routes.

It is the student’s responsibility to read and understand the traffic and parking regulations posted on the LUPD website and to also stay current with “splash page announcements” or Twitter that may affect their parking status.

Please contact LUPD Parking Department at 434-592-3637 or email luparking@liberty.edu if you have any questions.

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