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Trip to Paris, Provence, & Barcelona

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May 11-20, 2015*

Family & Consumer Sciences is planning a trip to Paris, Provence and Barcelona on *May 11, 2015 and ending May 20. There will be a specialized emphasis placed on interior design/architecture and fashion. All students and alumni are welcome. The trip will be 10 days including flight.

Our departure will be from Washington D.C. It’s two of Europe’s most stunning cities separated by one of the most romantic regions. The size of the Mona Lisa may surprise you, but so too will the Provence region, a source of inspiration for Louvre-dwellers like Cézanne, van Gogh and Picasso. You’ll see La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and the rest with a perspective usually reserved for the most seasoned travelers

Barcelona tour

We will tour:

  • Paris…Decorative Arts Museum….Fashion Visit... Eiffel Tower
  • Avignon  ….see Palais des Papes,' or the palace of popes, is the world's largest Gothic edifice
  • Nimes….It has a stunning Roman Coliseum that is second only to Rome. There are a few other fine Roman relics and Diana's Palace. Le Pont du Gard an impressive Roman aqueduct
  • Carcassonne…Carcassonne is essentially a castle that is also a  medieval city (La Cité de Carcassonne) around which the modern city, or Ville Basse, grew
  • Barcelona…Unusual Architecture and Flamingo Evening

Eiffel Tower, Paris

If you are interested, and want to get more details email  Type in the numbers 1503595ZN  for details.

  • Student Price: EF $3220  plus LU Insurance and Fees = $3353.40   = 3 to 4 in a room
  • Adult Price: EF $3460 plus LU insurance and Fees = $3623 = 2 to a room

You will need to pay the $95 membership to EF online or phone in your payment.  This membership fee will lock your payment.  You will need to determine whether you will pay in installments or automatic payment.  The rest of the payment will be through Liberty University Study Tours Payment Portal . The portal is not available right now but if you have registered, you will be notified as soon as the tour is activated.


   Online Enrollment:

   Enroll by Phone:

  •  Call EF Customer Accounts at 877-485-4184

NOTE: It is important that you contact Mrs. Ruth Gomes or Emily Beckman before you register. Register your name (including middle name) as it appears on your passport.

* Tentative date within one or two days