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Student Senate

The Liberty University Student Senate exists to allow students an opportunity to be involved in the legislative process of the SGA, as well as voice the opinions and concerns of entity whom the senator represents. The Senate is comprised of Hall Senators who represent individual on-campus residence halls, Commuter Senators who specifically represent undergraduate students living off-campus, and At-Large Senators who represent on behalf of the student body as a whole.


Senators have the opportunity to vote on key legislation that comes to the Senate floor. 


Hall Senators must attend senate meetings, which are usually every other Tuesday night. They must also join and be active in a committee.


The length of term will be one academic school year.


Hall Senators may receive CSER credit. Regular attendance is taken at senate and committee meetings, and senators are expected to regularly attend both in order to obtian CSER for their service.

Becoming a Senator

Hall Senators 

Hall Senators will be elected during the second hall meeting of each semester. This election will follow an announcement made during the first hall meeting. There will be one senator for each hall.

Commuter Senators

Commuter senators are apportioned at a ratio of 1:100. (That's one commuter senator for every one hundred commuter students.) Candidates should submit an application to the SGA for approval.

At-Large Senators

At-large senators are apportioned at a ratio of 1:300. (That's one senator for every three hundred residential and commuter students). Candidates should submit an application to the SGA for approval.

More Information

For more information about the Student Senate, please contact: