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School of Music Scholarships

The Liberty University School of Music (SOM) is pleased to offer an exciting SOM scholarship initiative for all musical disciplines within the Center for Music Education & Performance and the Center for Music & Worship. SOM Scholarships are competitive awards for music majors, based on application. School of Music Scholarship recipients will be selected by the SOM Scholarship Committee based on the following criteria: academic achievement, musicianship, financial need (according to the standards of the department of Student Accounts at Liberty University), and walk with God.

Current Students

Current SOM Majors must submit a completed application to be considered for SOM scholarships. Upon application submission, he or she will then be in the running for SOM scholarship nomination. Follow the instructions below!

Deadline for application submission was March 1,  2020. We are no longer accepting submissions for the 2020-2021 academic year.

No Audition is necessary for current SOM students. Nominations from SOM Faculty are also considered.

Current student SOM scholarship applications for 2021-2022 will open Fall 2020.

New (Incoming) Students

New SOM students must complete an audition on their primary instrument. This audition will serve as both your placement and SOM scholarship audition. Students may choose from two audition options: 1) Attend and audition in-person at one of our quarterly College For A Weekend events or  2) Email your video audition link to the Faculty Area Coordinator of your chosen primary instrument. Priority consideration for SOM scholarships will be given to students who audition at or prior to the February 2020 CFAW.

SOM Audition Guidelines – New Students Only

To schedule an audition time, contact the appropriate individual below:

Steps to Apply for SOM Scholarships as an Incoming Student:

  1. Schedule an in-person audition with coordinator of your area, or record a video audition and email it to the coordinator of your area.
  2. If submitting a video audition, please include the following in the email:
      • Full Name
      • LU ID Number (if issued)
      • Contact information (email and cell phone number)
      • Desired area of study
      • Semester you will start at Liberty (e.g. Fall 2020)
      • Video audition links
  3. Once your audition is complete or submitted, students will be entered for consideration for SOM scholarships.

Basic Qualifications for SOM Scholarship Eligibility

Potential SOM Scholarship recipients must:

  • Maintain good academic standing during the duration of the award term.
  • Remain in full-time, residential status and be a declared SOM Major for the duration of the award term.
  • Transfer Students must obtain a letter of release from their current school before being considered for an SOM scholarship, per National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) stipulation.

SOM Scholarship Renewal Information

SOM Scholarships are one-year awards. Students may re-apply for available SOM scholarships each academic year.

How SOM Scholarships Work with Financial Aid

Liberty University School of Music scholarships are considered financial aid, just as grants, work-study, and loans; however, they are “departmental” awards based on your Music Scholarship Application and/or Audition, and are awarded independently of any “need-based” awards received from the Financial Aid Office. Federal and state financial aid programs require that students not receive financial aid in excess of one’s cost of education, which includes living expenses. Need-based aid, such as grants and subsidized loans, must remain within a student’s financial need as determined by the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Scholarships are factored into financial need assessments. Students who receive private donor or Liberty University School of Music scholarships should inform the Office of Student Financial Services of these awards when they receive their award letters. A student’s need-based financial aid may be revised because of the departmental scholarship awards he or she is receiving from the Liberty University School of Music. This includes tuition exemptions and waivers.

Liberty University Scholarships/Financial Aid

Information about University-wide scholarships (scholarships that are not specifically for music students) and other types of financial assistance is available through the following links:

Marching Band & Spirit Band Scholarships

Liberty University Marching Band Scholarship

Liberty University Spirit Band Scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a School of Music Major to be eligible to receive School of Music scholarships?

  • Yes, all SOM Scholarship recipients must be a declared SOM Major.

As a current student, do I have to complete an audition or submit an audition video?

  • No, current students do not have to audition for SOM Scholarships. Only new students must audition.

I plan to visit Liberty at some point, but I cannot attend one of the College For A Weekend (CFAW) events. Can I set up another time to audition?

  • Yes, you may set up a time to audition outside of the CFAW events. Please contact the appropriate Faculty Area Coordinator to set up an audition time.

I am not a SOM Major, but I would like information about other scholarships.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at somscholarships@liberty.edu.