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How to Complete a Change Order

Change Orders in buyLU

Once a requisition is approved changes cannot be made, however, users do have the ability to make some changes after a PO has been issued through the change order process. The Change Order form is used to increase/decrease quantity and unit price as well as add commodity lines.

To complete a change order in buyLU, a Change Order Request needs to be completed.  Change Order Requests should only be submitted for non-catalog orders.

Creating a Change Order

  1. Select the “Forms” option on the buyLU “Home” screen.
  2. Select “Change Order Request”.
  3. End users complete a form for each change to the purchase order. Instructions are included on the top of the form (see below).
  4. Enter the PO number of the purchase order you wish to change.
  5. Enter the Vendor (when the vendor is selected press enter and the Fulfillment Address will populate).
  6. In the next section enter the details of the changes that need to be made. The first section should be used to explain what adjustments need to be made including the total of the increase or decrease.
  7. Next enter the Product Description.
  8. Enter the line number on the original PO that you wish to change. If you are adding a new line enter “New”.
  9. The “Quantity” is the new quantity of the PO. In this example we originally ordered 4 chairs. We are reducing line 2 of the PO by 3 chairs; therefore, our new quantity is 1.
  10. Unit Price:
    • If the change results in no change in the value enter zero in this field
    • If the change results in a decrease in the value enter zero in this field
    • If the change results in an increase in the value enter only the amount of the increase (net change amount).
  11. Using the down arrow indicate whether you want the Change Order sent to the supplier.
  12. Attach any supporting documentation using the “Add Attachments” button.

If you need to make multiple changes to a Purchase Order use the “Add to Cart and Return” option in the Available Actions drop down menu at the top right of the form, and click “Go”

Once you have made all of the changes choose Add and Go to Cart.