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Policies & Procedures

Department Grading Policies

Theatre majors must receive a C or higher in all classes.

Outside Participation

All THEA majors who wish to pursue performance and/or production opportunities outside of the Liberty University Department of Theatre Arts during the academic school year (including Fall/Spring/Winter breaks) must obtain written approval from the Chair of the Department of Theatre Arts.

Complete the  Outside Department/Off-Campus Performance Request Form and return it to the Department of Theatre Arts main office.

ADA Requirements

Complying with Section 504, the Theatre Arts Department allows reasonable accommodations to provide equal program access to all students with handicaps. Academic requirements, such as classroom location, will be modified on a case by case basis, to afford qualified handicapped students and applicants an equal educational opportunity. In the event that a second-floor classroom prevents a student with disabilities from participating in an academic study, then an alternative facility will be designated for that particular class. However, the Department is not required to provide accommodations if the accommodations would fundamentally alter the nature of the program or the academic requirements that are essential to a program of study or to meet licensing prerequisites.

It is your responsibility to disclose disabilities. If you fail to do so, the Department is not obligated to accommodate disabilities. Documentation and disclosure are handled through the Office of Disability Accommodation Support.

Academic Department Manuals

Shop Manual

Read the Scene Shop Safety Manual for important safety guidelines to help ensure a continued safe working environment for everyone.

Theatre Space Rental Agreement

Theater spaces are only to be used for Theatre Arts Academic-related instances and must be signed out through the Administrative Assistant in the Theatre Arts Academic Office or by email.

In the event that a reserved space has a piano in the room, the piano may not be moved for any reason.

In order to reserve the Tower Theater or Black Box Theater, a rental agreement must be submitted along with the appropriate fees.

Rental Agreement

Complete the Theatre Space Rental Agreement and submit it to the Theatre Arts Assistant Production Manager.