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Student Service Center

The Student Service Center houses the offices of Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and the Registrar. Our mission is to help our guests with any questions they may have and to guide as needed to the correct office for further assistance.

We will ensure that we understand your situation, research your situation, and provide accurate information in a timely manner.

The Student Service Center Lobby is open from 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday thru Friday. 
Our lobby is closed for Convocation on Monday and Friday from 10:00am - 11:15am and on Wednesday from 9:45am - 11:15am. 

The Student Service Call Center is open 8:00am - 4:45pm on Monday - Friday and closed for Convocation on Wednesday from 9:45am - 11:15am.

Our Office is subject to be closed on Tuesday from 8:00am to 8:30am for Department Meetings.




Need a Notary?

The Student Service Center provides free notary services to students, faculty, and staff. You may come into the Student Service Center to see if one of the notaries is avaliable or e-mail to make an appointment.



Contact Us:

If you have any questions regarding your academic account or student account, please visit the Student Service Center located at Green Hall in room 1569 or call our office at (434) 592-5100 or toll-free (888) 632-5551 for assistance.