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The Liberty University Student Representative Branch exists to allow students an opportunity to be involved in the legislative process of the SGA, as well as voice the opinions and concerns of the entity whom the representative serves. The branch is comprised of two houses that represent students at-large and in various schools and colleges. The Senate is comprised of two senators from each college and school. The House of Delegates (HOD) is comprised of delegates who represent on behalf of the student body as a whole.


Jack Heaphy



Chris Faraldi 

President Pro-Tempore


Taylor Smith 



Logan Skillman  

Sergeant At-Arms



Becoming a Senator

Step 1: Apply

Student Representative Application 

Step 2: Serve

Attend your first SGA Huddle and learn how you can serve the student body through your position and be an advocate for others.

Being a Senator


Student Representatives connect with students and collaborate with fellow representatives to propose positive campus change. 


  • Meet with students and hear their concerns and ideas. 
  • Attend a one hour weekly SGA meeting where bills are discussed and voted upon.  
  • Introduce bills and ideas for the Administration at Liberty University to consider. 
  • Participate in SGA events and activities.


The length of term will be one semester. Representatives may renew their membership at the end of the semester. 


Student Representatives may receive CSER credit. Regular attendance is taken at meetings, and representatives are expected to regularly attend SGA meetings, events and related activities.