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Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG)

The VTAG is designed to provide financial assistance to Virginia domiciled residents.

2019-2020 Award amount:

  • $3,400 for eligible undergraduate students
  • $1,700 for eligible graduate students 

2018-19 Award amount:

  • $3,270 for eligible undergraduate students
  • $1,640 for eligible graduate students

VTAG award projections are estimated awards until a final State budget is approved and passed. Therefore, amounts are subject to change.


You can submit your VTAG Application by fax, email or mail.

  • Fax: (434) 582-2053
  • Email: financialaid@liberty.edu
  • Mail:
    Liberty University Financial Aid Office, MSC Box 710282
    1971 University Blvd.
    Lynchburg, VA 24515

General Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a Virginia domiciled resident
  • Must not have moved to Virginia for the purpose of attending post-secondary school
  • Awarded to qualifying eligible degree programs/majors only (see below)
  • Students enrolled only in a certificate level program are not eligible for VTAG
  • Requires full-time enrollment (unless approved to receive the funds at less-than-full-time during the LAST semester of a degree program)
  • Students who received VTAG in the previous aid year do not need to submit a new application. Only students who have not received VTAG or who have broken enrollment should re-apply. 
  • Other criteria apply, subject to change
  • VTAG Fact Sheet

TAG Teacher Bonus

Undergraduate students pursuing a career in teaching are eligible for an additional $500 VTAG bonus award during their senior year.

Standard VTAG award combined with the $500 TAG Teacher Bonus award:

  • $1,885 per eligible term
  • $3,770 annually

Eligibility requirements:

  • Must be fully accepted in a undergraduate degree program
  • Must be recognized at the senior level classification for the term in which the TAG Teacher Bonus award is applied, regardless of whether or not it is the student’s graduation year. If a student’s senior year extends beyond two semesters, the student may continue to receive the TAG Teacher Bonus award provided the student meets all other VTAG eligibility requirements.
  • Must be officially enrolled in a Virginia Department of Education approved educator preparation program. Eligible programs are listed below. Students in an eligible program and meeting all other eligibility requirements will have their accounts updated automatically by the Financial Aid Office with the additional grant award.
  • Must have a standard VTAG award disbursed in the semester in which the TAG Teacher Bonus award is disbursed.  Student are ineligible for the TAG Teacher Bonus award if they are already at their VTAG lifetime limit.

Approved Teacher Preparation Programs:

  • Biology: Environmental Science (TL)
  • Biology (TL)
  • Business (TC)
  • Computer Science (TL)
  • Environmental Biology (TL)
  • English (TC)
  • Teaching English as Second Language (TL)
  • Family & Consumer Science (TL)
  • History (TC)
  • Kinesiology: Teacher Certification (TL)
  • Mathematics (TL)
  • Music: Choral (TC)
  • Music: Choral Specialization; Guitar (TC)
  • Music: Choral Specialization; Keyboard(TC)
  • Music: Choral Specialization; Vocal (TC)
  • Music: Instrumental (TC)
  • Music: Instrumental Specialization; Non-Key (TC)
  • Music: Instrumental Specialization; Keyboard(TC)
  • Music: Instrumental Specialization; Guitar (TC)
  • Physical Education & Health: Teacher Licensure (TL)
  • Physical Education (TC)
  • Studio & Digital Arts: Studio (TL)
  • Social Sciences (TL)
  • Spanish (TL)
  • Theatre Arts (TL)
  • Visual Communication Arts: Studio (TC)

Religious Undergraduate Degree Programs

Some theology and religion programs are NOT eligible for VTAG funds from the State of Virginia (known as CIP Code 39 programs: Theology and Religious Vocations). Eligibility based on degree programs is subject to change. 

Eligible Programs

Some undergraduate degree programs for religion majors are eligible for VTAG funds (known as CIP code 38 programs: Philosophy and Religious Studies).  These eligible programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Philosophy and Religion: Philosophy (PHIL)
  • Religion (RLGN)
  • Religion: Evangelism (REVA)
  • Religion: Christian Counseling (RLCC)
  • Religion: Christian Ministries (RLCH)
  • Religious Studies: Global Studies (RSGS)
  • Religious Studies: Jewish Studies (RSJS)
  • Religious Studies: New Testament (RSNT)
  • Religious Studies: Old Testament (RSOT)
  • Religious Studies: Theology and Apologetics (RSTA)

Ineligible programs 

Ineligible programs include, but are not limited to: 

  • Biblical Studies (LBIB)
  • Christian Leadership: Biblical Studies (CLBS)
  • Christian Leadership (CLCM)
  • Christian Leadership: Global Studies (CLGS)
  • Christian Leadership: Theology and Apologetics (CLTA)
  • Christian Leadership: Technical Studies (CLTS)
  • Christian Leadership:Women's Leadership (CLWL)
  • Christian Leadership: Worship (CLWS)
  • Church Ministries: Women's Ministries (LBIW)
  • Church Ministries: Adventure Leadership and Outdoor Ministry (CHAD)
  • Church Ministries: Women's Leadership (CHWM)
  • Church Ministries: Worship (CHWR)
  • Global Studies (ICST)
  • Global Studies (CRGS)
  • Music and Worship: Worship Tech (WRTC)
  • Pastoral Leadership (PASL)
  • Worship and Music Studies: Biblical Studies (WRBB)
  • Worship and Music Studies: Cinematic Art (WRCI)
  • Worship and Music Studies: Business (WRBU and WRBN)
  • Worship and Music Studies: Pastoral Leadership (WRPR)
  • Worship and Music Studies: Theater Ministries (WRTM)
  • Worship and Music Studies: Theater Minor (WRTH) and Theater Major (WRTM)
  • Worship and Music Studies: Women's Ministries (WRWO and WRWM)
  • Worship and Music Studies: Worship Technology (WRWT)
  • Worship and Music Studies: Youth Ministry (WRYO and WRYT)
  • Youth Ministries: Biblical Studies (YMBS)
  • Youth Ministries: Cinematic Arts (YMCA)
  • Youth Ministries: Christian Leadership (YMCL)
  • Youth Ministries: Coaching (YMCO)
  • Youth Ministries: Global Studies (YMGS)
  • Youth Ministries (YMIN)
  • Youth Ministries: Advanced Leadership and Outdoor Ministries (YMLO)
  • Youth Ministries: Pastoral Leadership (YMPL)
  • Youth Ministries: Sport Outreach (YMSO)
  • Youth Ministries: Theology and Apologetics (YMTA)
  • Youth Ministries: Technical Studies (YMTS)
  • Youth Ministries: Women's Leadership (YMWL)
  • Youth Ministries: Worship (YMWR)

Graduate Students

Eligible Degree Programs

Eligible graduate level programs for VTAG are related to health professions and consist of allied health, nursing, pharmacy, medicine, and osteopathic medicine (CIP code 51 programs, per State Council of Higher Education for Virginia regulation).  

Eligible programs at Liberty include, but are not limited to:

  • MA: Addiction Counseling
  • MA: Human Services Counseling
  • MSN: Adult/Acute CNS Track (MNAC)
  • MSN: Community Track (MNCT)
  • MSN: Nurse Educator Track (MNED)
  • MSN: Nurse Administration
  • MPH: Nutrition
  • MPH: Health Promotion
  • MPH: Global Health
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
  • DRNP: Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • DNP: Family Nurse Practitioner

Credit Hour Requirement

VTAG regulations require all graduate students to be enrolled in at least nine credit hours per term at the graduate level.

Tobacco Region Loan Forgiveness Program

This program was established by the Tobacco Commission to provide educational assistance with the goal of strengthening the Southwest and Southside economies in Virginia.

Beginning in the 2017-18 academic year, this program will be converting from a scholarship program to a loan program with the option of forgiveness after graduation.

Returning eligible applicants who received this award in 2016-17 will continue to receive the scholarship award under the 2016-17 award criteria in the 2017-18 academic year.  Click here to view the eligibility requirements under the previous scholarship program.

New applicants who did not receive 2016-17 funding in this program will be held to the new loan criteria for the 2017-18 academic year and forward.

  • Maximum $2000 per academic year ($1000 Fall/$1000 Spring) as a forgivable loan
  • Student is required to complete and sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN) prior to receiving the award and must also sign the Disbursement Addendum after payment is made to the educational institution attended.
  • Funds may be used for tuition, room, board, and books
  • Must be enrolled in at least 9 credit hours
  • Award may only apply to one degree at a maximum of four years.
  • Must submit the application each year and submit all other required documentation by the deadlines published.

For all other eligibility requirements and links to corresponding documents, please visit the Tobacco Region Loan Forgiveness Program’s website and view their Frequently Asked Questions reference about the changes to this program. 


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