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** Important Information Regarding the Infor Expense Reconciliation System **

Please note the link to Infor is now active under “My Accounts” on your myLU. The new system should now be used for check requests (now called Payment Requests) and to reconcile P-Card transactions. You may have P-Card transactions remaining in Rapid Recon. All of these remaining transactions need to be reconciled and approved no later than 11/15/2014.

If you need to schedule training for Infor or Payment Requests, please visit the Pro Dev portal under Procurement.



Procurement's mission is to provide the Liberty University community with what it needs, when it is needed while acting as an effective and proactive steward of university resources. Upholding the highest ethical standards, we strive to service the Liberty community in a friendly, straightforward manner.

Liberty University is committed to good stewardship and sound business practices that reflect a commitment to our Christian mission. As we seek to be fiscally responsible, we strive to secure the greatest value for the most reasonable price when procuring goods and services.

The decisions we make about those we do business with are based on our ability to transact with integrity and secure good value for the university’s investments. Although we do not vet our business partners with the same scrutiny we use for our employees, we do reserve the right to terminate a relationship if it is not in the best interest of the university.  Of course, business partners who share our values are welcome but those considerations are not generally elevated over price and service.

Recognizing that our mission to be salt and light to the world is not limited to our students, we will, at times, conduct business with entities whose values do not align directly with ours. We do not see this as a contradiction to our mission, but rather a corollary, as it allows us to represent Christ-honoring business practices to those beyond the conventional scope of the university.




Reconfirmation of the Contract Policy:

Per the President's direction the following announcement is EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:

All contracts for Liberty University products or services are to be reviewed by Procurement prior to execution. The only personnel authorized to sign contracts are the President, the Chief Financial Officer, the Director of Procurement and designated Procurement personnel. THE UNIVERSITY WILL NOT RECOGNIZE NOR BE BOUND BY CONTRACTS SIGNED BY ANY OTHER PERSONNEL.

Contracts should be sent to Procurement for review and execution.  Any questions regarding this process should be directed to or Procurement at 592-3012.


Important Links:

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To assist in the proper routing of contracts, users can utilize the Contract Routing Form.

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