Effective March 06, 2017: Staples Advantage is now on BuyLU


All Staples Advantage orders are now processed through a punch-out on BuyLU.  Purchases will no longer be made on the Staples Advantage website with your P-Card.  A $35.00 minimum order still applies.

Please contact Procurement with any questions.





  • All orders for office supplies must be $35 or more.
  • All Furniture is to be ordered through the requisition process.
  • Auxilliary Services should be the first place for ink cartridges, toners, and all reams of paper copying paper.
  • IT items should be ordered through IT Marketplace/GovConnection or through the requisition process.
  • Computers and Accessories: IT Inventory
  • Audio and Visual Equipment: AV Approvals
  • Software, including renewals: Software Compliance

   Contact Us:

Office supply questions:
Procurement Office
(434) 592-3012.

P-Card questions:
P-Card Office

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