Staples Advantage Information

How to Request Access to Staples Advantage

Email Procurement with the information below:

  • Employee Name
  • Username
  • Building & Room Number
  • Phone Number

Once the username is set up, the new user will receive an email from Staples Advantage with his/her login information.

Once the login information is received, orders can be placed at

Keep in mind that you will need to be a P-Card holder in order to have a Staples Advantage account. If you are not, please reference the P-Card Website for the application process.

Ordering Process

  1. Go to, enter your password, and select login. On the next screen, select OK.
  2. Either search for a product in the search bar or enter the item number into the Quick Order box.
  3. Once the item is selected, specify the quantity.
  4. To complete the order, select the Checkout button on the top right of the screen.
  5. This brings you to a summary of your order. You may enter additional information to be seen on the packing slip in the Packing Slip Note field.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the summary, select Next to continue.
  7. To assign the index code, click the drop arrow and select your department's index code.
  8. To charge all items to the same department, select the Apply to all option and then continue.
  9. Double check the shipment information and fill in any missing information.
  10. Select submit order and your order confirmation will appear on the next page.

Ordering from / Price Match:

If you find a product on Staples Advantage, but it is less expensive on, you may call and receive a price match. The item number on Staples Advantage must be the SAME item number on Ordering outside of this process on is prohibited. Anything ordered outside of Staples Advantage will need conditional approval from the P-Card office . Please see instructions below:

  1. Call Staples Advantage at 1-877-826-7755
  2. Press 1 to place an order
  3. LU’s Customer ID # is 1026017DC
  4. Let them know it is for a price match
  5. Mailing Address is 1971 University Blvd Lynchburg, VA 24515, (make sure to include your building and room #)
  6. Give them the item # from Staples Advantage and the price you found on that is less expensive
    • Keep in mind that your P-Card is not charged until the item is shipped.
    • Make sure to ask them for a receipt, since this is needed when you are reconciling the charge in Infor.


All users should be set up with access to obtain an eReceipt from Staples Advantage. If you do not receive an eReceipt please contact Staples Advantage Customer Service at 1-877-826-7755 or You will need to have your order # ready when contacting Staples Advantage.

Certain items may be returned to Staples Advantage within 90 days.

  1. Select My Orders
  2. Select Returns beside the correct order number
  3. Locate the desired item to return
  4. Enter the number of items to return
  5. Select Return Reason
  6. Select Submit
  7. Select Print
  8. Follow instructions on paper
  9. Verify and select OK


  • All orders for office supplies must be $35 or more.
  • No single item may be ordered online that is $2,500 or more. ($2,499.99 is the cut off)
  • All Furniture is to be ordered through the requisition process.
  • LU Printing Services should be the first place for ink cartridges, toners, and all reams of paper.
  • IT items should be ordered through IT Marketplace/GovConnection or through the requisition process.
  • Orders must be submitted by 3 pm to ensure next-business day delivery.

Please remember that the P-Card Policy has not changed in regards to conditional approval for office supplies, computers, equipment, software and furniture.

Error in Internet Explorer:

Due to upgrades on the Staples Advantage Print site, you may receive an error while attempting to place an order using Internet Explorer. Please follow the instructions below to fix the error. Please note that you should not have this issue in Chrome or Firefox.

  1. While in Internet Explorer, go to Tools - Internet Options
  2. Click on the Security tab
  3. Click Trusted Sites (green checkmark) then click Sites
  4. Add http://* to the box Add this website to the zone and click Add.
  5. Repeat with the following URLs one at a time: https://* and
  6. Click Close
  7. Click Ok
  8. Close down Internet Explorer and reopen

Staples Advantage Customer Service:

If you are having trouble with an order or need Technical Support on Staples Advantage, you may call 1-877-826-7755.

If you are having trouble with the Print side of Staples Advantage, you may call 1-888-535-1672 or email

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