Staples Advantage Information

Effective March 06, 2017: Staples Advantage is now on BuyLU

All Staples Advantage orders are now processed through a punch-out on BuyLU.  Purchases will no longer be made on the Staples Advantage website with your P-Card. A $35.00 minimum order still applies.

Please contact Procurement with any questions.

(434) 592-3012


  • All orders for office supplies must be $35 or more.
  • All Furniture is to be ordered through the requisition process.
  • Auxilliary Services should be the first place for ink cartridges, toners, and all reams of paper copying paper.
  • IT items should be ordered through IT Marketplace/GovConnection or through the requisition process.
  • Computers and Accessories: IT Inventory
  • Audio and Visual Equipment: AV Approvals
  • Software, including renewals: Software Compliance

Staples P-Card registration for retail store purchases:

Using your Registered Procurement Card makes purchasing supplies easy:

  • Provides an immediate solution for emergency purchases.
  • Registered cards can be used in any Staples Retail Store located in any of the 48 contiguous states.

You will receive your company's negotiated price or the store price, whichever is lower.

Staples Customer Setup



Contact the Procurement Office with office supply questions at or (434) 592-3012.

Contact the P-Card Office with P-Card questions at



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