How to Complete a Change Order

Once a requisition is fully approved and a PO has been issued, changes cannot be made to the requisition. However, users do have the ability to make some changes to the PO through the change order process. The Change Order form (FPACHAR) in Banner is used to increase/decrease quantity and unit price as well as add commodity lines.

  1. Navigate to FPACHAR in Banner
  2. Enter the PO number in Purchase Order Field
  3. Tab to Change Sequence and type NEXT
  4. Next Block (CTRL + Page Down) to the header fields

Note: If the Change Order will not open, view the bottom left hand of the screen for the error message.  If there is a previous change order that is incomplete or not approved, then search for the previous change order.

Search (F9) from the Purchase Order field:

  1. Once the Change Order is opened, add Document Text to explain what adjustments are being made. Include the date of the Change Order, along with the total of the increase or decrease.
  2. Next Block through the Purchase Order until you reach the Purchase Order Item Selection
  3. Check the Added box next to the preexisting line item(s) that you are changing. However, if you are adding new lines, the Added box does not need to be checked.
  4. Save (F10) and Close (Ctrl Q)
  5. Adjust items to reflect a revised Purchase Order

NOTE: The new amount should reflect the total amount of the new PO. The remaining balance should not be used in determining the new PO amount.

  1. Navigate to FOAPAL section and tab through the amount fields to refresh budget checking
  2. Next Block (Ctrl + Page Down) to Balancing/Completion
  3. Select “In Process” to save changes and close the document or Select “Complete” to send the Change Order through the approval process

For additional assistance refer to the Banner Finance Training Manual.

For questions regarding change orders, please contact Financial Planning & Budgeting at (434) 592-3333 or