Faculty & Staff: Teacher & Graduate Education

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Administrative Faculty

Michael ShenkleDr. Michael Shenkle
Associate Dean
(434) 582-7109

Kevin StrubleDr. Kevin Struble
Associate Dean
(434) 592-4343

Michelle GoodwinDr. Michelle Goodwin
Sr. Assistant Dean, Residential Programs and Licensure
(434) 582-2265

Deanna KeithDr. Deanna Keith
Assistant Dean, Online and Graduate Programs
(434) 582-2417


Dr. Ester AlcindorDr. Esther Alcindor
Chair of Early and Elementary Education
(434) 592-3461

Dr. Lisa FosterDr. Lisa Foster
Online Chair  
(434) 582-7912

Dr. Andrea BeamDr. Andrea Beam
Chair of Middle Grades and Secondary Education
(434) 582-2192

Dr. Kurt MicaelDr. Kurt Michael
Administrative Chair of Research 
(434) 592-3760

Dr. Russell ClaxtonDr. Russell Claxton
Online Chair
(434) 592-5825

Dr. Lucinda SpauldingDr. Lucinda Spaulding
Chair of Special Education
(434) 592-4307

Dr. Megan CordesDr. Megan Cordes
Online Chair 
(434) 592-4967



Dr. Stacy BoseDr. Stacey Bose
Director of Accreditation
Assistant Professor 
(434) 582-7348

Dr. Karen ParkerDr. Karen Parker
Accreditation Coordinator
(434) 582-2836

Dr. Daniele BradshawDr. Daniele Bradshaw
Assistant Professor
(434) 592-6296

Dr. Samuel SmithDr. Samuel Smith
(434) 592-4342

Dr. Kristina DeWittDr. Kristina DeWitt
Associate Professor 
(434) 582-2194

Professor Maria SpauldingProfessor Maria Spaulding
Coordinator of Student Teaching
(434) 582-2555

Dr. Randall Dunn

Dr. Randall Dunn
Associate Professor 
(434) 592-3716

Dr. James Swezey

Dr. James Swezey
Director of Qualitative Research
(434) 592-4903

Dr. Monica Huband

Dr. Monica Huband
Assistant Professor 
(434) 592-4365

Dr. Scott Watson

Dr. Scott Watson
Director of Quantitative Research
(434) 582-2127

Dr. Harvey Klamm

Dr. Harvey Klamm
Graduate Field Director
Assistant Professor 
(434) 592-4896

Staff - Main Office

Elizabeth Maier

Elizabeth Maier
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
(434) 582-7889

Gate Office

Miranda ArnoldMiranda Arnold
Coordinator of Local Field Experiences 

Carmolee HagerCarmolee Hager
Director of External Field Experiences

Kristen FrostKristen Frost
Undergraduate Gate 2 Coordinator

Dominique ThompsonDominique Thompson
Gate Coordinator

Andria BellAndria Bell
Gate Coordinator

Christina GermainChristina Germain
Gate Coordinator

Yoon PattiYoon Patti
Practicum Coordinator

Melanie CoxMelanie Cox
Teacher Licensure Secretary

Nancy Hesse

Nancy Hesse
Licensure Manager

Dissertation Staff

Kirsten HoeghKirsten Hoegh
Director of Ed.D. Support
(434) 582-2413

Rochelle JagstRochelle Jagst
Assistant Director of Doctoral Programs Support
(434) 582-7913

Geoff Matthews

Geoff Matthews
Dissertation Coordinator
(434) 592-7043

Faculty Support Coordinators

Rhonda HeerspinkRhonda Heerspink
Executive Director of Faculty Support
(434) 582-2423

Shiree ThompsonShiree Thompson
Faculty Support Coordinator

(434) 582-255

Lourdes Colon

Lourdes Colon
Faculty Support Coordinator

(434) 582-3513


Michele WorleyMichele Worley
Executive Director of Operations
(434) 592-7044 

Terri ModlinTerri Modlin
Director of Student Teaching
(434) 592-7362

Ryan CardinaleRyan Cardinale
Director of Student Support
(434) 582-8957

Rachel McCormickRachel McCormick
LiveText Coordinator
(434) 582-2164

Dr. Steve McDonald

Dr. Steve McDonald
Director of Assessment
(434) 592-5057

Leah Day

Leah Day
Academic Projects Coordinator
(434) 582-2622

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