Study Abroad with the School of Education

Learn overseas through the study abroad options offered by the School of Education at Liberty University.

Course Credit

Visit significant historic locations and interact with different cultures while you get course credit. Our study abroad travel activities will take the place of your class attendance and most course assignments. Additional assignments will be adjusted to fit your travel experiences. 

Major course benchmark assignments, especially for licensure, will still need to be completed per the syllabus.

Assignment Substitution

This is similar to the study option described above, but instead of getting full course credit, you will be enrolled in a regular course. However, you may gain your instructor’s approval ahead of time to substitute an assignment or group of assignments for activities that occur on the trip.


Instead of attending class on the campus of Liberty University, you can attend the same course at a different location. Class time is conducted at the destination site and, while class is not in session, you can explore your destination’s surroundings. 

Field Experiences/Practicum

Instead of completing your practicum in the U.S., serve overseas in a school along with other Liberty students. Earn course credit for the practicum during the trip.

Destination Trip Date Courses Type of Trip
Israel March 9-19, 2017

EDSP courses: 323, 363, 413, or 473

EDUC courses: 125, 200, 221, 225, 235, 302, 304, 305, 307, 319, 322, 360, or 435

Assignment Substitution
Jamaica March 11-18, 2017

EDSP 476; EDUC 317, 436, or 411

Field Experiences /Practicum
Germany & Switzerland June 6-15, 2017

EDUC 305, 360, 504, 603, 604, or 703

Course Credit
Greece July 23-Aug. 1, 2017

EDUC 220, 497, or 623



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