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Alexander Hamilton Society (AHS)

Club Mission Statement

AHS is a non-partisan, national organization that inspires and educates students in the importance of American leadership in the world and launches them into careers in public service, academia, and business. Hamiltonians, an elite group of students, faculty, national policy leaders, and captains of finance and industry, share a conviction rooted in history of the last century, that the world is a better, safer, and more prosperous place when the United States is willing and able to lead. On campus, we are the go to organization for students passionate about national security, foreign policy, and economics.


What To Expect as a Member

We meet once a month to have round table discussions about national security topics and host at least 2 major speaking events per semester, where members can gain insight into national security, foreign policy, and economics from world renowned experts. Also, being that AHS is a national organization and has a huge alumni network in D.C, members get unique career and intern opportunities offered to them, relative to national security, foreign policy, and economics.


Additional Club Information 

The AHS Chapter at Liberty University is committed to expand its members knowledge of national security issues and by doing so, will better equip future policy makers and leaders in the United States. As a club, we are also very committed to bringing prestigious and amazing career opportunities to members. Some major opportunities include being able to apply to be an AHS Summer Fellow, where a $3000 grant is awarded to 5 top AHS students in the country that are interning in D.C and receive special invites to AHS Summer events, apply to Hamilton National Institute, where 14 top AHS students in the country are selected to participate in simulations with D.C experts, apply to attend the Reagan National Forum at the Reagan Ranch in California, where students are selected to attend a week long seminar to discuss and hear from national security experts-General McMaster spoke last year, and many more.

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